1.13.19 Podcast – The One with the Fast Turtle

Carolyn & Merrin are back from their holiday vacations with a special 2019 Sam Gagner tribute podcast! They talk horsesh*t, depth scoring, mission impossible, travel, and of course, the hot topic of the day… butts!


12.16.18 Podcast (The One with the Flaming Poultry)

There is nothing more heartbreaking than the Dallas Stars. Carolyn & Merrin dissect the 4-game losing streak, Seattle’s poor choices, what counts as a reboot, pick the best Batman, have zero feelings about the Flyers, and give the Stars some much-needed gifts.

It’s our last podcast of 2018, so Merry Cheermas and have a happy New Year!


Supplemental Materials:

Yikes! Awkward broadcast moment about the Beauts. (Will take forever to load)

A Hallmark Movie about a long-lost Jonas brother.

And look at these sweet jerseys!!!


11.6.18 Podcast – The One with the Game

The Dallas Stars are in a playoff spot! Well, for *checks watch* maybe this next hour. Carolyn & Merrin try to avoid election-night coverage, talk Nichushkin, coach firings and, of course, the latest Senators shenanigans. Plus, Brett Ritchie’s blackmail material, bad surprises, and haunted sex dolls. Here’s to you, Mrs. Dickinson!

9.23.18 Podcast – The One Where Vin Diesel Dies (with Bob Spencer)

Special guest Bob Spencer (@BobaFenwick) joins Carolyn & Merrin for the Division Preview to rule them all — The Central. It’s schadenfreude, massive uncertainty, death, and pancakes as they talk through all seven teams. Carolyn says something nice about the Blues, Merrin reveals her secret, and Bob remains optimistic. Plus, the most difficult choice ever!