12.3.17 Podcast (The One with the Magic Laces)

In this episode, Carolyn and Merrin get into the magic yellow laces, Jamie Benn is a giant dork, Carolyn goes on the warpath, Merrin gets the warm-and-fuzzies, and everyone gets a Disney princess!

Also we are putting out a call for donations now through January. We are hoping to cover our hosting costs for a year and get Merrin a new mic. Fortunately, we’re small-time, and we expect that amount to come in around $200 or less. Once we hit that goal, any donations above that amount will go directly to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, an organization that sponsors research into and helps those effected by blood cancers.

For any donations $20 or more, we are taking Deep in the Heart of Hockey radio requests! That’s right, we will read your dedication and sing the song of your choosing on the podcast! Want to musically burn Jamie Oleksiak? We’ll do that. Want to antagonize another fanbase? We’ll do that too!

To make a DHH radio request, include your email address on the “note” section of your donation and we’ll reach out to get your dedication.

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Oh look, more links!

Alex Prewitt’s quintessential hockey helmet article

Everything you ever wanted to know about Jamie Benn’s hair


8.31.17 Podcast (The One with Hurricane Harvey)

Almost a week late, but still just as relevant. Is Brandon Bollig better than Jaromir Jagr? Just how classy is Shane Doan? Who is RJ Umberger, anyway? Carolyn is scandalized, Merrin has audio issues, and we urge you to donate to help out Houston in Harvey’s aftermath. Plus all the woman’s hockey talk you could want!

Note: We really do apologize for the audio issues. We had a lot of skype problems.



Defending Big D put together a great list of links to donate to:


And please stay safe, friends in Irma’s path!

7.12.17 Podcast (The One Where Merrin Plots Revenge)

Why talk about roster moves when you can sing about them? The Stars’ big offseason continues and Carolyn & Merrin are excited and concerned. Excerned? Concited? Also, it always comes down to murder when Honka’s involved, Carolyn is a troll, and Merrin teaches us about Canada.