12.19.14 – Stars vs Flames Game Recap (With Charts, Obvs)

I should be out running 6 miles, but it’s cold and I don’t want to, so I’ll procrastinate a bit and give y’all what you want to see – GAME CHART RECAPS, WOO!

Per usual, numbers are 5v5, all score situations and courtesy of war-on-ice.com.

12.19 Stars v CGY Corsi + ZSO - corrected

The Good

  • That top line. How sexy is that? 4 assists and 1 goal between them, and crazy awesome 5v5 possession numbers. This is the first game since I’ve started tracking the Stars that has bucked the trend of our top guys having low possession during wins. I hope this continues.
  • All lines and all defense pairings with over a 50% CF last night. ALL OF THEM. LOVE IT.
  • TRAVIS MORIN EARNED MORE NHL TIME!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday was Garbutt’s last game of his suspension, so I was asked “who do you think is getting sent down, Morin or McKenzie?” Frankly, I was sure it was going to be Morin. McKenzie has played well, and definitely brought some much needed “pluck” to the Stars at the time when we need it most.
    • Side Bar: I’m pretty sure the reason Morin was chosen over McKenzie is his apparent chemistry with Ales Hemsky. Not only has Morin been posting ridic possession numbers, but these last 2 games have been some of Hemsky’s best.
    • Side Bar 2: Someone also asked “why bother putting Garbutt back in?” Well….Garbutt scores. Unfortunately, he’s very inconsistent in his play, sometimes choosing to go the “take ALL the penalties” route, but when he’s focused, he’s a huge asset. This season, he’s running at 1.5 Points/60 minutes to McKenzie’s 0.4 P/60 and Morin’s 0.0 P/60.

The Here Nor There

  • Kari had another “vintage” Lehtonen game last night, and I’ll be curious to see if Lindback starts vs Edmonton on Sunday. I would imagine he will, but I’m hopeful this is a signal that Kari’s returning to his old form.
  • Jordie Benn was out sick, so let’s hope it’s just like, food poisoning, and not the mumps. According to a couple of sources the Stars all got their boosters three weeks ago, so they should be in the clear.
  • Fun fact from last night’s game: Klingberg is only 165 lbs. Child, eat a sandwich. Or like, eight. Eat eight sandwiches.

Shot attemps Dal vs Cgy - 12.19.14 - highlight

  • Again, our second period was the best one we played, defensively, holding Calgary shotless for long stretches of time. This is the thinking behind possession as an indicator of defense – if you have the puck, they can’t shoot.

The Bad

  • There were some pretty bad defensive collapses around the net again last night, and a couple of breakaways that seemed very similar to our game against the Canucks. I know we’re all happy with the win, but if Kari (or Lindback) lapse in form, we’re not going to get many more of these.
  • To borrow one of Razor’s favorite terms, our Power Play last night was the definition of anemic. Bloodless. Lifeless. On the PP we recorded 3 Corsi For events – one missed shot and two blocked shots. We also allowed a short-handed breakaway chance that would’ve been extremely bad if the Flames were a faster team.
  • Blocked Shots were the only reason the Flames stayed in this game at all – in all scenarios, they blocked 24 shots, more than double what the Stars did. There’s a lesson there for the Stars, and one I hope they learn quickly, because after the Oilers, we’re going to be facing some of the best offenses in the league with Toronto and St Louis.

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