12.21.14 – Stars vs Oilers Game Recap (All the Charts You Can Handle)

Ok, so disclaimer, I went to grab dinner with some out of town friends, so I didn’t get to watch the decent first or disastrous second periods. I did watch the goal highlights, to try to see exactly what went wrong, but again, disclaimer didn’t see the whole game. So, in penance, you get all the charts you want today.

As usual, all numbers are 5v5, from all score situations, and pulled from war-on-ice.com, which is a really excellent database and if you’re into this stuff you should check it out.

The Good

12.21 Stars v EDM Corsi + ZSO

  • Look at this thing. Look at this thing. From the looks of it, you would never know that this game was a 5-5 shootout. It looks like the Stars pulled a Nashville and had 9 goals. Every single player with a 50% or better CF% tonight.
  • Lindback with his first win as a Dallas Star! He did let in one goal in the 3rd, but he held on during some sustained pressure, especially during OT, and was fantastic in the shootout. Whatever they did to him in Cedar Park definitely hit the reset button on his play.
  • Ales Hemsky with his third dominant game in a row. His colors look odd because for the first half of the game he played on a line with Morin and Cole, but then the Ruffle Shuffle came into full effect and was moved up with Jamie and Seguin, and put up two points tonight.

The Más o Menos

  • Lindy seems to be rotating where his D-pairs start 5v5. It’s going to be good for the rookies to have experience in all situations, rather than sheltering them like he had to at the beginning of the year. More and more, Jason Demers is looking like he’s going to be a huge difference maker for the Stars as they make a playoff push.
    • Sidebar: And they did a good job contributing offensively tonight, with both Klinger and JJ recording primary assists.

Shot attempts Dal vs EDM - 12.21.14 - HL

  • You can basically pinpoint the moment when the Stars shook themselves out of their funk. It’s always good to see what sustained offensive zone pressure will do for you (3 goals).


The Fugly

  • Honestly, what didn’t go wrong? First, the Oilers managed to score 4 goals in the second period on just 9 shots on goal. NINE.
    • Remember how last game recap I said we shouldn’t get too comfortable winning on the strength of goaltending like we did vs both Calgary & Vancouver? This is why.

2nd Period goals 12.21

  • Because I didn’t watch the 2nd period, and our numbers 5v5 looked so good, I even pulled 2nd period numbers, short-handed numbers, giveaways (only 6 to the Oilers 11, per NHL.com), everything I could think of and I could not find a specific cause for WHY we let in 4 goals on 9 shots. But then I found that chart. If you read my earlier article, that chart should look eerily similar to this bad boy:


Note: This graph was pulled 12.12 and may not look the same if pulled today.
Note: This graph was pulled 12.12 and may not look the same if pulled today.

The Stars are spectacularly bad at defending directly in front of the net. Now, the first chart is slightly glitchy (it’s missing a goal, after all), but even 3/5 goals being earned right in front of Kari is beyond bad. Get your shit together, guys.

  • Overall, the Stars won only 38% of faceoffs at even strength tonight. Even though they had a very high Offensive Zone Start % (67%), it’s pretty damn hard to take advantage of that if you constantly have to regain possession of the puck. If this was any other team in the Western Conference, they wouldn’t have won this game.
    • Sidebar: Only Cody Eakin, Travis Morin and Jamie Benn did 50% or better at the dot tonight. Spezza was 1 for 11.
  • The Garbutt-Eakin-Roussel line was brutally victimized tonight at 5v5, Eakin especially, having been on ice for 3 of the goals against. During the third period, Garbutt & Eakin recorded just 2.9 and 1.1 minutes (5v5) respectively, down from the 5.0 and 5.4 minutes of the first. Roussel got split off from the group to play with Spezza, and unfortunately, Morin became the third ice time casualty of the Ruffle Shuffle.

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