12.23.14 – Stars vs Toronto Game Recap (Have Some Goddamn Charts)

Effing Christ. Games like this makes me hate being the “stat” person of this barbate duo. Seriously, I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what to write other than “Fuck this shit, bullshit, mother fucker shit.”

The standard disclaimer: stats from war-on-ice.com, 5v5, all score situations, unless otherwise noted.

The Good

  • Jonathan Bernier – he got a shut out on 43 shots tonight.


12.23 Stars vs TOR Corsi_ZSO

  • Not a single person under 55% CF% on even strength. Frankly, this says more about how terrible the Leafs are at 5v5 than how well the Stars played tonight.
    • Side Bar: The ruffle was mightily shuffled tonight so take line combos with a grain of salt. I included 5v5 TOI as well to give y’all a better idea of what might’ve happened.
  • The Stars had 43 shots on goal, 33 on even strength.
  • My personal hero, Travis Morin.

The Más o Menos

  • We only allowed 1 goal on 5 penalty kills against one of the best power play teams in the league right now.
    • Side bar: Twice tonight Merrin & I looked at each other and went “Oh, wait, are we on the PK?” because we were in the Leafs’ zone so much.
  • The Stars jumbo-tron went viral again tonight. Way to brighten an otherwise dismal showing.


  • Listen, I have to say it, but Kari is not good this year. He can be good, but overall, he is not. There are too many goals let in that should not go in. The first 3 goals went on only 15 shots.
  • EFFING CHRIST THOSE BREAKAWAYS. So, I heard it on the TSN Analytics podcast, and it was linked again over at defending Big D earlier today, but the one thing Nill said he looks for when we’re in the defensive zone is to be able to see all five Stars on the screen. It’s honestly a pretty good eye test to see who’s doing work. I highly doubt he’s going to be pleased tonight.
  • Do you wanna see another chart?

12.23 4v4 CF

That’s the Corsi For % for our 4v4. MIGHT WANNA WORK ON THAT GUYS.

  • Do you wanna see another chart?

12.23 TOR Goals Plot

I FEEL LIKE FUCKING CASSANDRA WATCHING TROY BE SACKED. I promise I didn’t just copy and paste this from SUNDAY NIGHT’S RECAP. Effing Christ.

Happy Holidays all, unless you’re a Leafs fan, at which point I hope you have an Alright Holidays.


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