1.10.15 – Stars vs Avalanche Game Recap (Central Division Collision)

If you looked at cable listing for what I watched yesterday afternoon, it looked like I was watching the Dallas Mavericks vs whoever it was the Mavs played and frankly, after midway through the second period I would rather have been watching that game.

Disclaimers: possession numbers come from War On Ice, and if I mention them at all I’m only looking at 5 v 5, because I don’t want to do the math necessary to understand CF % on special teams.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS GAME. Of course we can, let’s talk about this game.

First let’s talk about POSSESSION which is my favorite thing to look at these days. I have this handy graph from my cohort Carolyn, because she’s amazing with excel. (She says the lines are from before Fidds got hurt, but that really only affected the fourth line.)

1.10 Stars vs COL Corsi_ZSO

Looking at these numbers, I seriously do not understand why we lost the game. Pay ALL THE ATTENTION to the fact that only two players, TWO PLAYERS had under 50% CF the whole game in 5v5 situations. This graph is the whole 60 minutes and I super don’t feel like doing math for the special teams, but godDAMN look at Jordie Benn’s numbers.

We’ve been tooting his horn for a while now, and I had to do it again with someone on twitter yesterday. I don’t know what y’all are looking for out of his play. He’s possessing the puck literally more than any other single player on the ice and, if you’ll check back through the recaps, has consistently been doing this since paired with Jason Demers. Sure he makes some bonehead moves, but so does every single other player on this team, or did you miss hockey savior John Klingman-berg’s turnover that directly led to Nathan MacKinnon’s goal? What about that super, super sloppy turnover Jamie Benn had in the third?

Can we all just . . . not?


First period:


Segs started things off before the puck had even dropped on my time-delayed GCL feed. Twenty-seven seconds into the game, big guy, good job. Except it was actually tipped in by BABY ROOKIE BRETT RITCHIE, who now has 3 goals and 1 assist for 4 points in 6 games played. I like this kid’s style.

The first period was probably our strongest visually and in terms of that incredibly scientific “giddy up.” Even through two penalty kills, most of the period was spent in front of Colorado’s net, to the point that I look at the shots on goal after the first and couldn’t figure out when the Avs possessed the puck long enough to get 7 shots off.

Sceviour came up with his 5th of the season, Kari had some big stops as the period ended, and then we go into first intermission, which is about when I tweeted:

I wish I’d knocked on wood.

Second period:


Four seconds into the period we get a power play and then we . . . . don’t convert. Remember this, because it will be a common theme through SIX POWER PLAYS.

The wheels started coming off about two minutes before the Avs scored. I knew it was coming, which is why, on the graph, it says “well that was coming.” So much activity in the Dallas zone that we simply couldn’t clear out. And. Well. Kari was screened by Daley and though Schlemko tried hard to get over there, he never even saw the puck.

The second goal was just. Just one he should have had, in my opinion. Our goaltending is a drum I’m gonna keep beating until something changes. When Kari’s on, nothing can get through. But with the exception of a few streaks of brilliance he hasn’t really been on the whole season.

They get two goals and then it’s a real hockey game? I guess? Everything got a lot more back and forth. Our pk was great and continued to be great, so at least one half our special teams went okay?

Then there’s the second intermission, and I tweeted this:

Why bother knocking on wood.

Third period:


Duchene scores what will eventually be the game winning goal early in the period and just cements my dislike of him. Which wasn’t hard to do, since he’s not on either of my teams. I still had residual Olympics feelings for him but NO MORE.

Anyway. Razor started talking about Hemsky’s stick at some point during this game. It’s shorter than would usually be used for his height, and he shaves the blade to make it shorter as well. Now that I know all this, I can’t stop looking at his stick and wondering how he scores with it at all. BUT HE DID, SO WHO CARES.


It would probably have been more than 4, but I was watching the game by myself and not with Carolyn, so that certainly took away from the total.

That “LOST THE PUCK” angry face was Jamie’s terrible turnover. We got soooo close and had so many great chances and another TWO POWER PLAYS, including the one at the end of the game. Y’all, our power play is gonna kill us. We had SIX OF THEM and scored on a grand total of ZERO. We had an empty net and 6 on 4 to finish the game and let them bury the puck in the corner for the final 20 seconds of the game. I don’t. What. Why is this team like this.

A note on Schlemko: he had kind of a quiet first game. His possession numbers were good. He appeared on the graph after a particularly beastly shift. We’ll see how things progress as he works his way into the lineup, but I’m hopeful.


Who wants Roy to be happy.

(I mean other than Avs fans, but who cares about Avs fans.)

The takeaway:

Kari is having a terrible season, and we don’t have a good enough backup to bail him out of anything. It’s a dead horse we’ve been beating for a while now. Our pk is doing fine, honestly, definitely one of the highlights of the game, but our power play is shameful.

On the other hand, I got to watch Ralph and Razor this game and got these tidbits from Razor: “they’ve been riddlish on the road” and the “never go hungry league.” Apparently there’s been a lot of food for the dads?

And finally:


Look Avs fans, I feel sorry for you. Top 40 hits from last summer pretty much exclusively throughout the game? What are those life choices.


4 thoughts on “1.10.15 – Stars vs Avalanche Game Recap (Central Division Collision)

  1. To me, it kind of felt like:
    1st period: oh yeah we are the Stars we’ll show these wee things how HOCKEY works. (They seemed VERY dominating to me in the first. I was surprised. And excited. NOT FOR LONG.)
    And at the 2nd period, we just got a bit too comfortable with out two-goal lead (EARLY LEADS SHOULD NOT BE A THING), so then when we got scored on, things slammed into panic mode, and we just lost control, the mortgage blew up, lost the house, our kids don’t talk to us anymore, acid rain started falling and everything went up in flames.(Overdramatizing? Probably.)
    Also did you notice that around the 2nd or 3rd Avalanche goal they started playing Icona Pop’s I don’t care (I love it), and I was like come on. That’s gotta be intentional. And if it is. Someone go up to the guy who puts the music on and tear his nose hair out.
    Also that end… Ugh. What. A. Mess.
    I do hope Kari gets to rest a bit or something, because I really don’t think he’s a bad goalie, but he’s having some terrible games lately, and Lindback just doesn’t seem to be /there/ yet to be in an actual game? Ah, what a shame.


    • Yeah, that second period was an unmitigated disaster. You have to wonder if Lindy would’ve pulled Kari for the third if we had a reliable back up (I think probably no, but to not even have the option is the worst).


      • I think /maybe/ he would’ve, but certainly not with Lindback being the backup.
        We REALLY need to figure that issue out soon, otherwise many other games will go drown the drain I’m afraid.

        Liked by 2 people

    • I basically wanted to rip the music guy’s nose hairs out the entire game. Man I’m glad I don’t have to regularly watch games in that arena. Especially coming off having just watched the Hawks in Rexall the night before. Now THERE’S a music guy doing his job well.


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