Podcast Episode 2! (And 1.13.15 Stars vs OTT Game Charts and Fun Stuff)

Good morning friends! Podcast Episode 2 is here (I know y’all were waiting with bated breath)!

(Side Note: Like most of this blog, our podcast does use a few naughty words, but in general is safe work.)

(Side Note 2: I am working on trying to get the Podcast up on iTunes for everyone, but am kind of bungling my way through it for now. Thank you for your patience!)

Supplemental Materials

The Zemgus Girgensons Rap:

All Star Game Roster

Correction: I mention Corey Crawford having an under 2.00 GAA. This is incorrect – it is 2.15. His back up, Antti Raanta is at 1.96.

Playoff Race Update (updated 1/13 AM – prior to games that day)

1.13 Playoff Chances

And finally, your game chart from last night (numbers 5v5, from war-on-ice, and D pairings from 2nd period on)

1.13 Stars vs OTT Corsi_ZSO


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