1.15.15 – Stars vs Jets Game Recap (With Charts, Eh)

So this game recap feels a lot like writing the game recap for the game against Columbus, and let me tell you, I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit. Unfortunately, Merrin and I have been a bit prescient on twitter recently, with me calling the 5-4 score vs Ottawa, and her tweeting this in the second period last night.

Fortunately, we didn’t get shut out, but it took pulling Lindback in the last 3 minutes of the game to make a goal happen.

Per usual, all numbers 5v5, All Scoring situations, and from war-on-ice unless otherwise noted.

The Good

1.15 Stars vs WPG Corsi_ZSO

  • Other than a lackluster first period, the Stars dominated possession and shooting. There were 97 scoring attempts throughout the game for the Stars. NINTY-SEVEN. Roussel and Garbutt had over 90% possession at the 5v5 and Eakin wasn’t far behind. (He had a great night at faceoffs too. Really a fantastic game for him.)
    • Side Note: Garbutt took just his second penalty since coming back from being suspended (and it was mutual penalties, so it led to a 4v4, not a PK). The change in his play has been fantastic to watch.
  • Anders Lindback played a second really solid game tonight. Yes, there were two goals against, but that first is squarely on the backs of the Defense and Frolik scored from another almost-impossible angle (can we get a freaking break on these, seriously???), and the second…well, that’s Trevor Daley accidentally deflecting it into the net. Lindback made a beautiful save against a breakaway in the second, and that’s what the Stars have been needing from him all season.
  • But unfortunately, even better than Lindback was Ondrej Pavelec. Literally, he must have been saving up all his karma for this game, because it had to have been his best game all year. 1 goal in 47 shots is a 0.978 SV%. Prior to last night he was sitting at 0.909 (for reference, Kari is at 0.906).

The Más o Menos


1.15 PP Shot Positions

  • So you can argue that with going 0/8 again, the Power Play should go under the “Bad” category, especially with that shorthanded breakaway. And, you know, I really can’t disagree. But I have a hard time slotting it there when it was so drastically improved from what we had been seeing. We had 30 Corsi events, 20 of which were scoring chances, they cycled the puck, and really created offense. Sometimes, you just come up against a hot goalie, and there’s shit all you can do about it.
    • Side Note: The one goal we did score was a 6-on-5, so it’s kind of like a power play goal.

The Bad

  • Both goals were direct results of defensive errors. With Frolik’s goal, Klingberg just completely stopped marking him, providing him the opportunity to shoot from a very tight angle. Spezza turns it over during the power play, Lindback stops Kane’s initial shot, and Daley just slides right into the rebound (Kane actually completely whiffs the second shot), bouncing it into the net.

Razor Call of the Night

This section should’ve been in the inaugural Game Recap, and is well deserved. Daryl Reaugh is one of the best things about watching Stars games, and I will fight you on that.

On Pavelec stopping Seguin point blank on the power play “And it is a spiffy, sassy, glove grab.”

(Fast Forward to minute 3:40 for that particular play)


3 thoughts on “1.15.15 – Stars vs Jets Game Recap (With Charts, Eh)

  1. If you want to be truly depressing, the double minor counts as two, so we were actually 0 for 8 on the power play. ETA: Okay nevermind this has been changed and is TRULY DEPRESSING NOW.


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