1.17.15 – Stars vs Capitals Game Recap (Only One Chart, Sorry)

Sorry y’all this is gonna be the quickest recap ever (and probably will have multiple spelling/grammar errors). I’m trying to get out the door because I promised to watch the Man City v Arsenal game with friends, and I gotta rep the Sky Blue today.

All numbers 5v5, all score situations, from war-on-ice.com

The Good

  • WE SCORED ON THE POWER PLAY!! And it was beautiful, too. Lovely no-look pass from Jason “One Jazz Pass” Spezza right to Seguin’s tape and then, bam, in the net.
    • Side Note: We got hella lucky that the Caps played Peters instead of Holtby last night. I have a feeling things would’ve gone very differently otherwise.
  • Depth Scoring was in evidence again last night, with 5 different goal scorers, one on the power play (I feel like I have to repeat this as much as possible so I start believing it happened), two from the 2nd line, one from the 3rd line, and then finally we see Jamie Benn on the score sheet again.
    • Side Note: The Spezza line is looking more and more dangerous these days, I think in part because the Seguin line is going against most of the top D pairings.

The Más o Menos


  • Trevor Daley is out for the next few games with injury, which means that Jyrki Jokipakka was called up to play. Ruff said in the post game he was considering Schlemko, but really liked how JJ took warm ups and thought his size might come in handy against such a physical team like the caps. Rookie pair of JJ & Oleksiak put up the best CF% of all the D pairings last night (they were obviously sheltered in the offensive zone, so grain of salt). Still, it’s great to see another rookie stepping up when the team needs him.

The Bad


1.17 Stars vs WSH Corsi_ZSO

  • This is about as ugly as we’ve seen it recently. Overall, the team had a 39% CF%, which is rough. When using score adjusted numbers it jumps to 41% (which the Caps definitely were feeling those score effects last night), but that’s still lower even than the game against Ottawa, which was 43% unadjusted. It’s good that they’re winning these tight games, but these games are tight because they’re turning over the puck and keeping our heads above water by scoring a lot.
    • Side Note: Remind me to see if there’s any correlation between the Stars CF% and playing Conference top 6 teams. If we do get in the playoffs and we’re having these kinds of possession games, we’re out in the first round, easily.
  • Face offs. The Stars were dominated at the dot last night, which speaks more about the Caps than it does about the Stars, as they’ve been good there recently.

Razor’s Call of the Night

“Covering the private parts in dancing”

Neither Merrin nor I know exactly what this was pertaining to, but it had something to do with face offs and Jordie Benn, and…Never change Razor, never change.


2 thoughts on “1.17.15 – Stars vs Capitals Game Recap (Only One Chart, Sorry)

  1. Oh Razor. My favourite is still “the beard is in the crease”. I’m just. Oh.
    ALSO POWER PLAY GOAL?????????????????????? WHAT??????? ???,,,?,,?,


  2. I changed my twitter bio to include that line because that is also my favorite. Right after his “poop through a diarrhea infected goose” call from last year 😀


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