Long Read: Four for You, Ladies in Sports Media, You Go Ladies!

When we started this blog, Merrin & I wanted to do a few things for the Dallas Stars fandom: first, have a place to dump various statistical musings and my feelings about numbers in general, and second, provide a sense of levity to a sport that frequently takes itself too seriously. But it was definitely on our minds that we would be two ladies, albeit bearded, in a very male-dominated sphere.

And we, as relatively unknown bloggers, have it easy! There have been too many articles recently about women in hockey media being sexually harassed and bullied either in person or online (often by their male peers). When women reporters post articles on big sites, like Puck Daddy, or even for newspapers, comments are frequently about the reporters looks or contain sexist slurs. For god’s sake, “Puck Bunny” couldn’t even win the Puck Daddy “Ban This Word” poll.

So I think it’s high time we give props to those women who choose walk the hard road, and do a bang up job of it.

Some of the Two Bearded Ladies’ Favorite Follows:

Tracey Myers (@TramyersCSN)

Tracey woks for CSNChicago.com as their Blackhawks beat writer. She provides your standard beat writer fair, such as line combos, live game commentary, game recaps, etc. She also used to be a beat writer for the Dallas Stars when she worked for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Beyond that, she is one of my favorites because she’s a huge foodie who also loves terrible puns.

Julie Dobbs (@JulieAnnDobbs)

Julie is the upbeat host of Stars Insider, everyone’s favorite behind the scenes segment you can usually catch weekly on FSSW (and online, though they’re posted much later). Though you could never tell from her big smile and positive attitude, in 2013, just before the season started, Julie was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer. Thankfully, she’s in remission, and this season has even stepped into the role of ice-level reporter for home games. Julie is both humble and charming, and a personal hero for having to listen to multiple takes of the Super Friends trying to caterwaul their way through Christmas carols.

Taylor Baird (@taylordbaird) and Erin Bolen (@ErinB_DBD)

While it’s easy to find female Dallas Stars fans on twitter, it’s much harder to find them in “official” fandom. Both Taylor and Erin are staff writers for the SBNation blog Defending Big D. They’re good follows for general Stars info and commentary, and they keep the face of the “official” fandom from becoming too much of a boys club.

Jen L.C. (@RegressedPDO)

Other than the beat writers, Jen was one of my first Blackhawks follows. She has written articles for several different sites, but is best known as one of the Fancy Stats acolytes. In truth, Jen’s tweets are what got me interested in hockey analytics in the first place. She has done some interesting work on hitting, draft pick value, and some Blackhawks specific stuff (zone entries, etc). If you’re into fancy stats, her twitter is a must follow.

Nominated by our friends on Twitter (in no particular order):

Melissa Martin (@DoubleEmMartin)

Melissa writes for the Winnepeg Free Press, but I follow her on twitter anyway. Her commentary comes with a level of snark and wit that I relish, despite her covering a central division foe.  Honestly, her timeline is more jokes than game coverage, though she takes her hockey seriously, and has some excellent insights.

Samantha Wood (@woodsamantha)

The Digital Media Coordinator for the Flyers, Samantha seems pretty nifty, except for being a Flyers fan. Per her linkedin profile, before she began working for the Flyers, she also worked for the AHL as a media coordinator, and for the Bruins as Media Relations Gameday Staff. Clearly, she has a ton of experience in the field, and I wish her continued success, though I can’t say the same for her team.

Sherry (@justsherryj)

Calling herself a Big Nerd in a tiny package, Sherry is just as hockey obsessed as the rest of us, though her twitter seems mostly AHL/Marlies focused. Frankly, there just isn’t enough AHL love in the mainstream hockey media, so any twitter that talks about prospects is a good one. Plus, she’s a self-described baker. I like her already.

Kathryn Jean (@msconduct)

Kathryn probably has the best twitter handle ever, so I don’t think I need to really write the rest of this section. KIDDING. She covers the Ottawa 67’s and the CHL, and I’ve already expounded on my love for prospect coverage, so I don’t want to be redundant. She also does some live tweeting of the Senators games, so if you love Canada’s capital, she’s a must-follow.

Sasky Stewart (@saskystewart)

Sasky recently had to give up her title as “First Lady of Australian Ice Hockey” when she packed up her bags and took a job as the Social Media Coordinator for the NHL. Prior to bringing the AIHL up to speed, Sasky had worked for the Caps and a WHL team, the Everett Silvertips. Sasky was an integral member of the podcast It’s All Goodall, which recapped the Australian Ice Hockey season, and while the NHL are lucky to have her, the Aussies were sure sad to see her leave. Thankfully, we all live on the internet anyway, and don’t have to deal with that whole “distance” thing.

Caity Kauffman (@caitykauffman)

The manager of social media and digital marketing for the Tampa Bay Lightning, Caity is something of a social media wunderkind. She was featured on a PBS show in 2011 talking about the importance of internships, and has had her work with the Lightning published in Ad Week. Plus, she clearly saw this article coming, with a Ladies of the NHL twitter list already compiled.

Sarah McLellan (@azc_mclellan)

Sarah is the Coyotes & NHL beat writer for azcentral.com. She provides line info, game coverage, morning skate updates, the usual, but with added bonus of weekly interactive chat. Probably one of the most comprehensive Coyotes twitters I’ve seen, so if you’re even mildly interested in the on-ice goings on in sunny Phoenix, give her a follow.

Jennifer Bullano (@PensPRLady)

Well known to fans of the Pittsburg Penguins or Say Yes to the Dress, Jennifer is the Director of Communications for the Pens. Her twitter houses a collection of fun Penguins digital media, but more important is the woman herself. She was the first woman ever appointed to that position in the entirety of the NHL, and even was the subject of an ESPN W profile. Plus, she gave us the gift of watching Dan Bylsma being awkward in a bridal salon. Priceless.

Sarah Spain (@SarahSpain)

Sarah is mainly a contributor for ESPN and ESPN W, but she’s undoubtedly a Chicago Blackhawks fan. She’s a former athlete herself, so she provides a great insight on training and injury, and still runs marathons (for a cause!). Follow if you like Chicago sports in general, as she also tweets about Da Bears and the Bulls.

Nina Falcone (@NinaFalcone)

A colleague of Tracey’s, Nina is a Blackhawks Reporter and Digital Producer for CSN Chicago. She provides comprehensive Blackhawks coverage, with live tweets about the game, post game coverage, and of course, plenty of articles for you to read. Oh, and the occasional terrible joke.

Rhonda McClure (@HockeyMaven1917)

The managing editor for excellent blog, The Pink Puck, Rhonda provides coverage for all things Boston: the Bruins, the Blades, and of course, college hockey. She’s also a huge supporter of women’s hockey (check out The Pink Puck’s excellent profile of Hilary Knight), which earns her a follow in my book.

Marissa (@PietranJello)

Listen, we can’t really advocate that any of y’all actually care about the Blues, but weirdly enough, people do. And if you’re going to ignore my advice and like that team, then you should follow Marissa. She writes for faceoffviolation.com (another Lady-run blog) about the Blues, live tweets their games, and is how I learned that Girl Scout Cookie Candles exist. I need a samoa one like, now.

Melissa (@BlkNBlueShirts)

Melissa is a co-founder of and writer for faceoffviolation.com, though she covers the much more respectable NY Rangers. Her feed has very thorough coverage of their games as well as a lot of the media surrounding the team, and apparently she was just as offended as us Stars fans when NBC screwed up nearly every name on the Dallas roster.

Shannon Hogan (@Shannon_Hogan)

Shannon is one of the very few female on-air personalities in hockey right now. She anchors the NY Islanders Pre-game & Intermission broadcasts, co-hosting with Stan Fischler. She worked in the Detroit area for several years prior, covering mostly the Red Wings and the Pistons. I’ve caught a few of the broadcasts, and her calm and poise when Fischler is rambling about something is that of a queen, so you keep doing what you do, Shannon.

Sarah Baicker (@sbaickerCSN)

Nominated by all of my Flyers fans friends (I know, I need new friends), Sarah is a Philly beat writer who covers them for CSN Philly. Scrolling through her feed, it’s easy to see why she was nominated, as she’s witty and informative, and frankly I’m almost starting to like the Flyers by association. Almost.

While this list is long, it is by no means exhaustive, so please, if you have a favorite Woman in Hockey Media that you think deserves a shout out for being amazing at what she does, make sure to leave her name (and twitter handle if she has one) in the comments!


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