1.31.15 – Stars vs Jets Not Really A Game Recap (But Still A Chart!)

So, as we warned you on Twitter last night, neither Merrin nor I were able to catch last night’s game because we were watching the Texas Stars beat up on the Charlotte Checkers (check out Rynnas being adorable after earning the shutout).

Still, I can’t help myself from pulling these numbers anyway, so here it is: the CF% Chart (5v5, all score situations, from war-on-ice) you know and love.

1.31 Stars vs WPG Corsi_ZSO

I literally had to double take because this is 28% team possession on the 5v5. That’s our worst yet, and somehow we still won. 4 Power Play goals. Who knew that was even possible?

Just looking at the numbers, I think it’s important to note: the Stars blocked 25 shots on the 5v5 last night. That’s significantly higher than normal. Also, if you check out this graph of where the goals were scored from, it looks like they did a better job of protecting the area right in front of the net, which has been a huge weakness of theirs.

1.31 WPG shot attempts

All-in-all a great birthday win for Tyler Seguin, and an important victory in the chase for the playoffs.

Note: D Pairings might be slightly off, as I took them from the pre-game warmups combos. If they aren’t correct, can someone please comment to let me know?


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