Tyler Seguin’s Face Might Actually Be Made of Silly Putty

Let’s just say he’s pretty excellent at manipulating his own facial features. If you’ve watched any video of Tyler Seguin at all, you’ve probably noticed that he’s one of the more expressive faces in the NHL today. If you haven’t noticed that, well. I don’t know what to do with you.

Why this post then? Face appreciation, partly. (Listen, we appreciate his face.) But we’re mostly in this for reaction gifs, for those times in a twitter conversation when you’re beyond speech, and only Tyler’s face will really do. We provide this example:

For this reason, we present the following gifs, helpfully broken up (in no particular order) by the situations in which you’d use the gifs.


source: fourthline

source: fucale

I’m not mad I’m just disappointed

source: hullyandmo

source: trashedsegs

I’m sorry, say what?

source: anna-sugarfairy

source: tazersharp

source: bennyandthestars

source: priceeys

source: glovehand

Who me?

source: cvxcvxc

General confusion

source: thetroublewithtyler

Seal of approval

source: siriuslygoonerific

source: pyatts

Hey gurl heeeeeey

source: bennyandthestars

source: fourthline

source: jamiebenns

Tyler will see your disinterest and raise you an eyebrow

source: bennyandthestars

Excited but pretty chill about it

source: priceeys

source: priceeys

You’re right, I am pretty great

source: glovehand

Bring it

source: trashedsegs

Surprised and slightly intimidated

source: goalieglove

This fuckery right here

source: thetroublewithtyler

source: glovehand

source: hullyandmo

source: michaellatta

source: ohseggy

I have given up on life.

source: seguim

When someone doesn’t get the inside joke

source: fourthline

Can’t get to the punchline because I’m laughing too hard in anticipation

source: trashedsegs

I should have known that, so now I am awkwardly laughing to cover up my shame

source: trashedsegs

The laugh and run

source: deflategate

When someone is enormous and you need Tyler to comment on it


We hope you use these in good health and please always remember to source your gifs.

*As always, if your work is on this page and you would rather it not be, please let us know. You can always email us at beardiestladies@gmail.com or find us on twitter @classlicity or @urronish


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