2.2.15 – Podcast Episode 4!

Friends, let me give you some advice: never record a podcast on a Monday. In this episode, we go into mourning, talk Texas Stars and AHL realignment, gush about John Klingbae, and answer some thought provoking reader questions. Also Merrin is grouchy, and I have low blood sugar.

Bonus Materials

Good follows for Texas Stars/AHL info: @100DegreeHockey@SeanShapiro

Excellent article on the Dallas Stars power play (DBD fan post)

Clarification: Kevin Hayes was drafted by the Blackhawks and joined them for prospect camps, however he was never offered a contract and instead signed with the Rangers this summer. His brother Jimmy Hayes played for Rockford and then was traded to the Panthers. Coincidentally, they were playing each other last night while we were recording the podcast.

Carolyn looks at our stats in Canada

A good look at the math behind being a bubble team (courtesy of Puck Daddy)

RIP: Jordie’s Beard, you may be gone, but you will not be forgotten.


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