2.3.15 – Stars vs Avalanche Game Recap (Merrin’s Very Salty)

I went to bed last night in the vain hope that I would wake up this morning and not be quite as pissed off about that game last night. And. Well. It was a vain hope. I feel like I’m MORE pissed off this morning.

Standard disclaimer: possession numbers taken from waronice, unless otherwise mentioned they’re 5v5 all situations.

Here’s a goddamn possession chart to start us off:

2.3 Stars vs COL Corsi_ZSO

Do you see. Do you see how much we possessed the puck. Only four of our players were under 50% CF. You might be asking yourself HOW DID WE LOSE THIS GAME WITH ALL THIS POSSESSION. I’m so glad you asked.


First period

Col 1st

I didn’t draw them last night because I was too sad and now I’m at work so I have paint! (What is up with windows 8 not having paint, btdubs.)

As you can see, the first period was great. We got a power play goal early in the first, Iginla chose Roussel as his dancing partner (and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I’m really coming around to Roussel, I feel like I’ve wasted so much time), we had another power play that we didn’t convert, we had allllll the possession. Shots at the end of the first were TEN Stars and FOUR Avs. They had NOTHING.


Second period

Col 2nd

Penalty to Jamie Benn early in the second, but whaaaatever we killed that. Carolyn stole my penalty kill marriage boyfriend thing and that was kinda pants. (Carolyn while editing this recap: “AND I’D DO IT AGAIN.”) Especially since it was Jamie’s penalty.

As you can see, this period got kinda boring in the middle-ish. At some point Razor remarked that it felt like the fifth OT in a playoff game and I couldn’t disagree. The Stars are generally a pretty exciting team to watch (a little too exciting) but they really let the Avs pull them into a dreary lull. Shot were 9-4 Stars. We held them to EIGHT SHOTS in the first two periods. They seriously literally had nothing. I yawned a lot.


Razor had this to say about the faceoff in our zone after the goal:

But the real winner of the second period was the scoreboard, as per usual:


Third period

Col 3rd


Our pk to start the period was great. I forgot we were on it for a while. I called dibs before it even started and Carolyn said that was bad luck. I’m not taking any responsibility for that, BUT.

Ryan O’Rielly did score about three minutes later, but I’m pretty sure we can blame (editor’s note: Carolyn does not like the word blame. Merrin is leaving it for reasons. We’re just going to post this though, because Merrin’s at work and doesn’t have time to discuss endlessly.) Kari being too far out of his net and getting NO defensive support for that one. Kari got Landeskog’s initial shot but was at the top of the blue paint, so it was easy as pie for O’Rielly to get the rebound off the boards and get the puck in behind him. Like, you guys. It’s a sad droning chorus this whole season. Kari needs to be better. If he’s incapable of being better, we need better back up so we don’t have to rely on him as heavily. Sadly, this is not something that’s going to get fixed before the summer. These are the cards we’ve been dealt this season.

There was such a huge momentum swing after that goal that I pulled the charts just for the third period, expecting to see a huge possession swing in the Avs favor. Hilariously, our top possession numbers were stronger in the third than they’d been the whole game, and we still heavily out-possessed the Avs. They did manage to get eight shots on goal and, well.

I’ve watched Barrie’s goal more times than could be considered healthy for someone who dislikes the Avs as much as I do. Stars just got outplayed. Everberg was so up in Kari’s kitchen that Kari looked over at the ref after the goal to see if he was gonna call interference. (Spoilers: he didn’t.)







Could not be assed to make a chart. This was my face. I pulled the possession numbers 4v4 but y’all, we had one shot on goal to the Avs 8. You probably don’t need to know exactly how little we possessed the puck in percentages, do you? You don’t. We didn’t have it. We didn’t have it at all. So instead we go to the skills competition that pits their top shooters against our goalie.


Oh jesus.



There’s no graphs or faces. Look. This shootout went to 11 rounds and managed to be almost as boring as the second period while simultaneously as exciting as playoff OT. Seguin, Roussel, and Sceviour scored for the Stars. MacKinnon, Briere, Landeskog (listen, don’t get me started on that a-hole), and Talbot scored for the Avs. You’ll notice there’s one more Av listed. That’s because they won.



HOLY. BEJEEZUS. We need goaltending help. We’ve needed it all season. We need it now. Kari was pretty solid in the shootout actually, stopping 7 of 11 shooters, but it was still one less than Varlamov stopped. Against a division rival, against a division rival that we could have PASSED IN THE STANDINGS if we’d won this game, it’s not good enough.

HOWEVER, as has been discussed, this loss cannot be pinned entirely on Kari. He wasn’t tested much in the first two periods and didn’t get the defensive support he needed on the two Avs goals. He stopped SEVEN of ELEVEN shooters, if any two of our guys had scored in the first seven rounds this would be a very different recap.


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