2.7.15 Stars vs Sabres Game Recap (With the Usual Chart)

Well folks, this is what it’s come to. Going down 3-0 to the Buffalo Sabres in the 2nd. Yep. All numbers 5v5, from war-on-ice, in all score situations, unless otherwise noted. The Not As Bad

  • The power play scored! And it was Seguin’s goal! I think it was Razor who mentioned after his first or second shot pinged off the post (again) that he had gone 30 shots without a goal. That’s ridiculous.
  • #KlingbergforCalder put up another multi-point game, with assists on each of the goals, including the very slick pass that allowed Cody Eakin to give us a fighting chance.

2.7 Stars vs BUF Corsi_ZSO

  • Yes, we were playing the literal worst team in the league in possession, but this is still impressive. Buffalo’s season average is 37.9 CF%, so the Stars did 7% better against them than their average opponent. In possession. Not goals. Or winning. Just possession.
    • Side Note: I’m becoming increasingly convinced that this season is my “Trial of Faith” for analytics. I WILL BE PROVEN RIGHT OVER TIME, I TELL YOU, OVER TIME.

The Bad

  • The defensive play from all parties (forwards, defense, even the goddamn Refs) was just sloppy. Just bad. Per the NHL numbers Dallas only had 4 “giveaways” last night, however I am highly dubious of that number.
    • Side Note: Here are the official definitions for how the NHL stats are tracked.
      • Takeaway – By definition a takeaway occurs when pressure from the defending team results in a defending player gaining possession of the puck.
      • Giveaway –A giveaway is when a player’s own actions result in a loss of possession to the opposing team.
    • Side Note 2: Buffalo blocked 28 shots last night. Yes, 11 of them came in the 3rd period when they decided to stop doing anything but defend, but still…they blocked 28 shots. Dallas blocked 8. The whole game.
  • Lindback was in net unsurprisingly, and while I hesitate to harp on his goaltending abilities because he did get hung out to dry on most of those goals, it was really disheartening to watch Enroth be fantasic at the other end of the ice.
    • Side Note: Lindback did do well on the few breakaway shots he faced. I think he might actually be a better shootout goalie than Kari, based on his record from this year and what I looked at of last year for this article.
    • Side Note 2: I have a hard time believing Kari would’ve won this game for us. With all the poor defending last night, the Stars needed someone who could make the impossible saves, and that’s just not Kari. When Dallas is backchecking properly and blocking shots properly, then maybe.

The Ugly

  • Ryan “What the Fuck Are You Doing” Garbutt’s penalty at the end of the first. It was dumb, retaliatory, and was indirectly responsible for the Sabres second goal. I didn’t get to see the Tampa game, but he also took a very dumb penalty against Colorado on Tuesday. Find your chill, dude. Get a mantra. Go to therapy. Whatever you need to do.
    • Side Note: Jamie Benn gets a side eye, too, but he isn’t a repeat offender of the overly emotional penalty
  • Three straight losses. Losing to the worst team in the NHL. No matter why they happened, this is not how a bubble team makes the playoffs. This is an unacceptable level of play, and everyone knows it. I’m a patient person, so I’m not calling for anyone’s head, but I do think there will be consequences if the Stars don’t pull themselves out of this tailspin, and quickly.

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