2.8 Stars vs Rangers Game Recap (Charts are for WINNERS)

Woooooo!! That feels good, doesn’t it? Especially because now I can lord it over my Asshole Friend that we beat his playoff bound team both times this season.

As usual, all numbers from war-on-ice, 5v5 and all scoring situations, unless otherwise noted.

The Good

2.8 OT Game Chart

  • Let’s get this out of the way: WE ACTUALLY WON! IN OVERTIME! IT HAPPENED! The real numbers are actually worse than that chart – we hadn’t won a game in OT since 3/11/2014. That’s terrible. But like all streaks, it had to eventually end, and couldn’t have come at a better time.
    • Side Note: Other than the Shootout win in Edmonton, Kari has been in net this season for all of these OT games. Unsurprisingly, he’s performing worse in OT this year than last, but the real concern is how much quicker we’re being beaten – on average, this year Dallas has only spent 2.8 minutes in OT vs last season’s average of 3.8. That’s a significant change, and speaks to mental errors.
  • The Spezza line was electric last night, creating both of the even strength goals (Cole on the 5v5 and Hemsky in OT), with Spezza chipping in the beauty on the Power Play. The real reason I color code the 2nd line yellow? Because it’s the happiest color. (I’m not kidding.)
    • Side Note 2: This happened.

The Más o Menos


2.8 Stars vs NYR Corsi_ZSO

  • Listen, we all know that these numbers are not good. The last time we put up numbers like this was against Winnipeg…where we won. And then against Chicago…where we won. So I don’t even know anymore. There is some minor correlation from last night’s game at least – the only producing line was the best at 5v5 play.
  • The Stars were much better defensively last night than they were against the Sabres. I cried about this in my recap of that game, but the Sabres blocked 28 shots – the Stars blocked 8. Last night, those numbers were much improved, with the Stars blocking 18 shots to NYR’s 11 (all situations).
    • Side Note: Better yet, on the 5v5, forwards were responsible for 7 of the 15 blocked shots. When our forwards are defensively responsible, this team is difficult to beat. (I’m going to have to look into this more, because it seems to bear out)

The Bad

  • Until the final minutes of the 3rd period, Kari would’ve gone in the very top section of this recap. And then he came out of the goddamn net, played the puck while his teammates were skating right for it with no challengers, and basically put himself out of position to make the save he needed to make. At this point, you have to believe there is something bigger going on that’s affecting his decision making abilities. Is it the increased pressure? Is it an injury? Did he hit his head while we weren’t looking? Are we living in a soap opera and he’s been replaced by his delicious, but evil, twin Curry Lehtonen?

To wrap up, have the ear worm that’s been stuck in my head and was conveniently played at MSG last night. I feel like it’s an apt description of this season so far.


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