2.10.15 – Stars vs Bruins (Snow Is Cold, Ice Is Slippery, And God Hates Boston)

Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve gotten to do a recap when we won? I think Reagan was still in office. (Dad jokes, I got ‘em.)


I can’t even remember how to write these when we win. I should show a graph now, right?

2.10 Stars vs BOS Corsi_ZSO

On our last podcast I said I felt like when the Stars had more shots on goal we were more likely to lose. Hilariously and sadly, that’s actually born out by our record this year: we’re 29th in the league when outshooting our opponents. Of course, this was prior to the Buffalo game, but since we outshot Buffalo and lost, then got outshot by both the Rangers and the Bruins but won, probably nothing has changed about that ranking.



First period

2.10 Stars vs Bos 1


Okay, so low part to start this write up, did you see this lady in the jersey? I guess she’s been at other games but I haven’t noticed before.


Listen, love, I understand. I do. But maaaaaaaaaaannnnnn.

Anyway. Game start. First major thing that happens is Roussel crosschecks Adam McQuaid to the throat and gets kicked out of the game. Yeah, it was basically that fast. No excuses, it was a super shitty and dangerous move by Roussel, and one you don’t want to see from anyone in any situation. If you missed it, here’s the video:

He was ejected from the game.

Boston goes on the power play, Krejci has kinda a sloppy move to try to get it to one of his guys, Fiddler steals, 1-0 Stars while we’re ON THE PENALTY KILL. Like, here’s how our pk could be better: let’s just score on them. We can’t seem to do it with regularity on the power play, so why not?

Krejci scores on a TERRIBLE line change for the Stars (seriously, it was god. awful.) (you can tell because it resulted in a goal for the Bruins) and it’s 1-1.

BUT WAIT. THERE’S MORE. (This first period, man. It was a doozy.)

Demer’s takes a stick to the face, missed the rest of the first period and then instagrammed this after the game:

Was there a call on that penalty? NOPE. The refs, again, didn’t even see it. (That’s literally twice in the past week, idek why refs hate us.)

Kari. KAAAAARI. It bears mentioning for that these last two games have been some of Kari’s best all season. He was a beast in the net. I don’t know how we get him to sustain that kind of action, but it sure is nice to see it when it happens.

My two favorite moments of the game (I mean really, c’mon) up next with Jamie scoring two for his boy Tyler. The second one was pretty scary for Eaves. Jordie Benn took a slap shot from the point, the goal is listed as assisted by Eaves but it’s really assisted by Eaves’ shin pad:

source: gfhockey

He says he’s fine, shakes it off, and plays the rest of the game, but not before taking a few moments on the ice first. So here’s hoping that doesn’t rear it’s ugly head to bite us in the ass later.

Dougie Hamilton gets an unsportsmanlike penalty in the dying seconds of the first against Alex Goligoski. Who knows what was said, but it was actually flipping hilarious watching him shake off his gloves and try to get in Goose’s face while Goose skates away smiling. These little shits.


Second period 

2.10 Stars vs Bos 2

Second period had a lot of possession by the Bruins, a lot of the Stars skating around after them, starting with a goal by Saint Patrice (look we’re all allowed our shameful pleasures, like Saint Patrice is mine). And of course it was a shorthanded goal on the carried over penalty to Hamilton. So. The Dougie Hamilton scored and it’s. You know. Tied 2-2. But hey! Demers was back for this period, so at least we were back to a full contingent of defensemen.

Garbutt gets called for a highsticking minor, which turns into a double minor because he draws blood.

I mean it was basically literally what happened to Demers in the first period when there wasn’t a call. Better make sure we call it AGAINST the Stars in the second, right? Okay.

Sweet justice is served: Daley scores on the first half of the double minor, Soderbergh gets called on the second half, 4 on 4 to finish the period.

Third period

2.10 Stars vs Bos 3


Kari had some beautiful saves this period. Garbutt had a monster defensive play right in front of the net. Just stole the puck away beautifully. Segs finally came close to the net but could not sink it home tonight. He was playing sick with the flu so it was kind of a quiet game for him, he said afterwards that he concentrated more on backchecking than crashing the net offensively, and it showed.

This was also the period where it felt like the Bruins started letting it get to them. Chara and company took a couple of nudges at Eaves after the whistle. Marchand tried to shove at Jordie. Jordie just grabbed on to him and smiled. It was beautiful. Such a beautiful troll moment.

Jason Spezza takes a tripping penalty but hey it’s cool because our pk’s better than our power play anyway. We didn’t score but I’m also pretty sure they didn’t get a shot on net either. Our pk was beautiful last night. Sharp, disciplined, and wonderfully effective.

Cole gets a hilarious empty netter and that’s the game.



boston weather


more snow




And this just in: it’s beautiful.


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