Getting to Know Jhou, Getting to Know All About Jhou

My alternative title was HOLY CRAP WE BOUGHT A GOALIE, but everyone’s pretty over Frozen jokes by now.  Yes, in case you missed it while you were mysteriously away from the internet for the last two days, Jim Nill traded Lindback and a conditional 2016 3rd pick to the Buffalo Sabres for Jhonas Enroth.

Yes, that goalie that beat him just this past Sunday.

If you’re like me, you have paid very little attention to Buffalo this year, with good reason. They’re pretty terrible. However, Enroth happened to be the hidden diamond amongst all the detritus: in December, Buffalo went on a win streak that was almost entirely spearheaded by his efforts in net.

Enroth is a 26 yr old 5’10”, 165 lb Stockholm native. Yes, you probably can take him. He was a 2nd round pick for the Sabres in 2006, and also plays with the Swedish national team, helping them win Silver in Sochi. This year, he earned the starting goaltending position on the Sabres.

While there is some speculation that he’s going to be challenging Kari for the starting spot on the Stars, I doubt that will be the case, at least not until he proves himself a competent back up. Lindy Ruff is a big fan of Enroth, though, so we’ll see how it goes.

2.12 Kari v Enroth Stats 5v5

These stats are just on the 5v5. The nifty thing about war-on-ice is that they break down shots in terms of difficulty, so you’ve got Low, Med, & High difficulty shots (mostly based on league average number of shots from that area). This weighting will give you the Adjusted SV%.

While Kari has the edge on Enroth in both standard SV% and AdSV%, Enroth has had better luck with the Medium and High shots.  As we all know, Kari has regressed some this year, but so has Jhonas. Both goaltenders are facing more shots than they did the season before, so the defense has to be culpable for some of that. With the Stars, if Jhonas is only going to face about 30-31 shots per 60 minutes at 5v5 like Kari does, I can see him returning to the 0.934 of last season.

Enroth Hextally 13-15

This chart shows  the areas of ice where Enroth has given up his goals (from ‘13-now). On the left, the darker the color, the higher the Shooting % Against is. On the right he’s being measured relative to the league averages, Blue is good, Red is bad.

Enroth is noted to have been good at making athletic saves, partially due to his height, and he catches left, so that might be why his right slot shooting % is so much lower than left.

For comparison, here is Kari’s chart.

Lehtonen Hextally 13-15

With goaltending being such a major part of our issue, it’s still fair to say that Dallas’ defending, no matter who’s in net will have to improve If the Stars want to make the playoffs.

2.12 Shot Rate Rel Against DAL

This is the Shot Rate Against Dallas, relative to league average. On average, the Stars let opponents take 13% more shots than average right in front of the net, which is one of the “High Difficulty” areas. Still, Jhonas is used to 38% more shots than average with the Sabres, so hopefully he’ll see an improvement in his numbers in Dallas.

All in all, I’m loving this trade. What do you think?


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