2.13 Stars vs Panthers Game Recap (A Chart A Day Keeps the Doctor Away?)

Well, that game was the very definition of a pyrrhic victory.

It seems like everything about that game was great, except for the really horrible parts.

Numbers taken from war-on-ice and are 5v5, all situations.

The Highlights


2.13 Stars vs FLA Corsi_ZSO

  • They broke their weird possession = loss curse! Well, sort of. The Panthers had the edge when it’s 5v5+special teams and out shot them, but you know, I will take it. Obviously, with all that went on in last night’s games, the line color coding is bound to be a little loose. Think of this as more of a guideline.
  • Jamie Benn scored another shorthanded goal on a beautiful pass by Fiddler. Ridiculous! I want to marry our penalty kill and have its offensively-minded babies.
    • Side Note: So glad to see the captain back on form. He’s had 3 goals in 2 games now. Jamie’s going to have to be looked to as the team’s offensive powerhouse with his hetero-lifemate out of the line up.
    • Side Note 2: Benn leads the NHL in shorthanded points, and the Stars lead the league in shorthanded goals. It’s Valentine’s Day, it’s a good day to propose.
  • How fucking filthy was Spezza’s goal? God, it was gorgeous. I was watching this game in a bar with one of my good girlfriends (because we celebrate Galentine’s Day with too much booze) and I’m pretty sure half the bar looked at me because I gasped so loud. Let’s just keep watching this over and over and not bother with the rest of the recap.
  • Kari was on point last night as well, earning another shut out. In the last three games he’s posted a 0.957 Sv% and a 1.66 GAA. Hopefully this is a sign of him returning to the play of last year. Enroth was hinted at to be the starter tonight, but Lindy has ridden Kari’s streaks before, so I imagine we won’t know until later.

The Lowlights

  • Ales Hemsky played only 1.8 minutes of the game last night, going out early in the 1st with a Lower Body injury. Ruff says he will be out of the line up for “some time”
  • BRING ME THE HEAD OF KULIKOV. If you didn’t watch the game last night, then please, prepare yourself: Dmitry Kulikov decided, for some reason, to take Seguin out at the knees in the 3rd . Seguin left the ice with help, as he clearly couldn’t put any weight on the injured leg.
    • Side Note: Rumor has it that Seguin tore his MCL. If this is the case (vs a sprain or something else less grave) Stars fans probably won’t see him for the rest of the season.
  • Even scarier – while the Stars were on the ensuing power play for the Kulikov major, Eaves took a Klingberg slapshot to the face. He went down like a ragdoll and had to be helped off the ice by his teammates. He went to the hospital for x-rays and testing almost immediately.
    • Side Note: Unfortunately, Eaves has a history with head injuries. If this is a concussion (which is highly likely) he will probably not be back for quite some time. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s out for the rest of the season, either.

Further Thoughts

The Stars play the Avalanche tonight, with 3 of their top 6 forwards out of the line up, including the 3rd leading scorer in the NHL. That’s a heavy blow in itself, but when you remove a guy on a points run (Hemsky) and then take away Eaves, who has been great on the top line, the Stars’ offense is going to take a major hit.

This game may very well be the defining moment of the season: they’re playing a team they haven’t beaten at all this season, they’re playing without their best forward, and they were just starting to get some momentum back for a playoff run.

How the Stars respond tonight to this adversity will shape the destiny of this team.


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