2.17.15 – Podcast Episode 5 (The Super Sized One)

In the most depressing episode of our podcast to date, Merrin recounts her experience at the dramatic game against Florida, Carolyn forgets Nichushkin exists, no one makes jokes about coffee, and our readers come through for us once again to end it on a high note.

You can also find our podcast on iTunes, here (though this won’t update as quickly).

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Supplemental Materials:

Here is a link to the article I wrote about what makes a #1 Defenseman and why I want Brent Seabrook for our team.

Here is a look at Jhonas Enroth’s numbers (prior to the game against the Avs)

Here is where I apologize to Val because he clearly played way more with Jamie & Tyler than I noticed.

I’m still looking for the hilarious Sedin interview we mentioned, but I have a 9am meeting so I’ll have to update later if I find it.

UPDATE: FOUND IT!! This was harder to unearth than it should’ve been.

And of course, the Stars keep stringing us along – we’re still only 4 points out of the playoffs, and we can’t seem to stop winning when we lose.

2.17 Stars vs STL Corsi_ZSO


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