2.19.15 – Stars vs Sharks Game Recap (With Charts That Don’t Make Sense)

And things were going so well for us until they weren’t. The Corsi Chart (or should I say, Shot Attempts chart) is slighty different today – I’m using Score Adjusted data. Why? Because one of my Sharks Fan followers was trying to allege the reason the Stars were winning the possession game was because of Score Effects. Score Adjusted Data attempts to correct for that. (Guess what….)

So now we have a new disclaimer: All numbers taken from war-on-ice, 5v5, score adjusted.

The Good


2.19 Scoring chances

  • Jamie Friggin’ Benn is hellbent on getting this team to the playoffs. He had the assist on both goals, and literally was the driving force behind all of our offense last night. Neither of those goals would’ve come about without his absolute refusal to get pushed off the puck. And Lord knows, the Sharks were trying.
    • Side Note: This was one of the hitting-est games in recent history, and that’s with hits being under-reported. The Sharks laid out 24 hits on the 5v5, and the Stars fell into this trap with 23 hits of their own (9 of them from the Cedar Park Boys). For comparison, the Stars only threw 13 hits against STL, even though they were peppered with 20.
    • Side Note 2: #leaderslead – not only did Jamie have a phenomenal game, but so did Fiddler, Daley, and Spezza. It was really inspiring to see the Vets pull this team together.

2.19 Stars vs SJ Corsi_ZSO

  • Per usual, the Stars put up fantastic possession numbers and still lost this game. EVEN WITH SCORE EFFECTS ACCOUNTED FOR. So yeah, this is our team.
    • Side Note: It was 2Baby2Rookie Brendan Ranford’s NHL Debut, and while he unfortunately didn’t score on his first shot like we all wanted him to, he had himself a tidy little game. On the 4th line with Horcoff it took him a second to find his legs, but when he did, he looked very comfortable with the NHL pace. He only played 9 min (only 2.8 in the 3rd), but that was more than McKenzie or, of course, Garbutt.
    • Side Note 2: Did anyone else feel like Sceviour really took that “use this opportunity” line to heart this game? Not only did he top our CF% chart, but he had 2 scoring chances of his own (6 shot attempts), was in position several times for excellent shots on net (that whiff will haunt us both), and really skated well on the power play.
    • Side Note 3: Ok, I do admit there were some Score Effects in play here. Our CF% with Kari in net was 45.8%. With Enroth it was 65.1%.

The Más o Menos


  • Enroth came in for Kari last night and did what a back up is supposed to do: Stop letting in goals. He only faced 17 shot attempts (only 6 of them scoring chances) but he gave the team the confidence they needed to get back into the game.

The Bad

  • Oh Garbutt. I don’t have any words. You know what? I don’t need say words, someone has already said them:

  • I thought we were past this hump, but no. Kari lost us this game. He played well in the first period, even with the one goal he made several stops that kept the game close. But in the second…those goals shouldn’t have gone in. Yes, he was screened, but his positioning was just off – and he was even looking the opposite direction on that second goal. With how well he had played in the last few games, it was seriously disappointing to see this kind of netminding from him again.

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