2.21.15 Stars vs Red Wings Game Recap (With Charts for the Refs)

First of all, I want to fess up and take the blame for last night’s debacle of a game. As the puck was just about to drop for the third, I turned to my buddy watching with me (who doesn’t care a whit about hockey) “Just watch, this is gonna go into OT and we’ll lose.”

Granted, I thought it would be tied at 4-4, not 6-6, but I’m willing to admit that I was a Bad FanTM and played a part in tonight’s loss.

All data from War-on-Ice, 5v5, score adjusted, unless otherwise noted.

The Good

2.21 Stars vs DET Corsi_ZSO

  • Our offense finally found its legs, once again led by Jamie Benn. That game was a goal parade, with five on the 5v5, and one on the power play. The Stars ended the game with a 51% Score Adjusted CF%, which isn’t anywhere near as dominant as other games they’ve lost. Maybe it’s a good sign?
    • Side Note: There were only 6 players without a point at 5v5. When the power play goal’s included, 6 skaters had two point nights: Hemsky, Horcoff, Cole, Daley and the Brothers Benn.


The Más o Menos

  • At least they got a point. Stars are still only 5 points out of the playoffs, and with a win tonight would move within 3, since San Jose & LA played each other last night. Every game is more and more critical now – tonight marks 60 games played for the Stars.

The Bad

  • Kari let in 7 goals tonight. 7. Se-ven. Even if you discount two that he literally could not have done anything about (weird blocker bounce, and you know the one), that still leaves 5 goals, including the OT winner. Kari has been god awful in OT this year – he clearly is letting these blown leads get to him more than anyone else.
    • Side Note: Yes, there was some poor decision making by the defense, too. Specifically, Jordie did another “do I stay or do I go” which ended in him screening his own goalie so well the Red Wings scored. But again, you take away that goal and that’s STILL 4 goals Kari needed to save.
  • Klingberg had pretty much his worst game of the season, with several errors, and a Delay of Game penalty that led to the Red Wings’ only power play goal and put the game within one. It’s okay, you flighty woodland creature you, everyone has a bad day.

The Ugly

For those of you who don’t know: Goalie Interference calls are non-reviewable. That means, like in this instance, since the whistle wasn’t blown on this play, Ruff can’t have them review the play to point out that Kari was, in fact, PUSHED HALFWAY OUT OF HIS NET BY A RED WING leading to the GIANT HOLE IN WHICH THEY SCORED. Doesn’t matter. Clearly the ref who WASN’T LOOKING AT THE GOALIE LIKE HE WAS SUPPOSED TO got it right. Obviously. No need to review that ever.

This chart’s for you, Refs.


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