2.24.15 Stars vs Jets Game Recap (Same Shit, Different Chart)

I don’t know why I really expected anything different. Did you expect anything different? And by different I mean “your heart being strung along by a team that seems to completely dominate games and then be destroyed by stupid errors.”

All numbers from War-on-ice, 5v5, and score adjusted unless otherwise noted.

The Good

2.24 Stars vs WPG Corsi_ZSO

  • This chart looks slightly different, because by now, I think the Corsi Relative column has outlived its usefulness. The team as a whole has improved in possession, and the original purpose for that column was to illustrate the differences between lines. Instead, I’ve chosen to highlight Scoring Chances Against per 60 minutes, as that is one of our major issues these days. Anyway, you know the drill. Stars had 59.7% Corsi For, lost 4-2.
    • Side Note: The Stars’ season average is 27 SCA/60, and this game had only 24.16 SCA/60. There is correlation between high Corsi and low SCA, so you’re definitely seeing that effect in these numbers.
    • Side Note2: The Jets are such a physical team that I’m not surprised to see the Pitbulls on top of this chart. They’re a hard line to pin down as they all seem to have different issues defensively (Cody Eakin’s lazy play in the Offensive Zone is what lead to the 3rd Jets goal. Garbutt tends to make poor decisions when he’s not under direct pressure, and he & Rous have both taken some ill timed penalties this year), but offensively their speed and tenacity enable them to go toe to toe with heavy hitters like the Jets.
  • Jordie Benn is playing like his job is on the line. Because it is. Nemeth is on a conditioning assignment with the Texas Stars, and now that our playoff chances are pretty much kaput except by grace of God, he’ll probably get some playing time up in Dallas to keep honing his game. Anyway, Jordie managed to pick up 3 points in the last three terrible games, and be +5 in that same stretch of games with 17 goals against. +/- is the worst stat, but still, that’s pretty fucking impressive.
    • Side Note 2: His partner in crime, Demers notched the second goal for the Stars last night, on a pretty little shot off a great zone entry. I like you Demers, you can stay.

The Más o Menos

  • The Stars hit the posts four times last night. First Star to you, Hockey Gods.

The Bad

  • Listen, let’s be honest here: Enroth didn’t turn up the way we needed him to turn up. Specifically, I’m talking about the goal on the breakaway. One thing I will say about Kari is that he’s been good on the breakaway this year, but bad with the net front scramble. Enroth seems to have the opposite problem. I think we’ll be seeing more starts from him so Nill can really get a feel for his game (this is his 3rd, and the first two have featured epic defensive collapses) before he goes UFA this summer.
  • Two out of the four goals (and possibly that empty netter – to be honest I kind of stopped watching there) were direct results of turnovers. The second goal of the night was because of Sceviour turning it over in the offensive zone leading to the breakaway attempt. The third goal of the night was Goligoski firing it up the boards in an attempt to clear the zone and having it land directly on the stick of a Jet. Eakin doesn’t pressure him like he needs to and boom, two seconds later it’s in the net.
    • Side Note: Until that Sceviour turnover in the 2nd, the Stars only had 2 turnovers in the period and the Jets had 0 SOG. In the first, the Stars had 10 turnovers, and the Jets had 14 SOG. I’m not saying they’re related, but it’s kind of a funny coincidence, don’t you think?

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