Mail Bag: Apparently Our Goalies Aren’t Good Or Something

Happy Mailbag Day!

Because we only podcast every two weeks, some of our readers have burning questions that unfortunately get left sitting in our inboxes collecting dust. Well no more! We want to satisfy your curiosity in a timely manner, so here is our very first reader question mailbag!

Kal Asked:

I was hoping to get your opinion: what do you think of the idea of just starting Enroth for the rest of the season (such as it is) in place of Kari? Can you guys think of any pros and cons for it?


C: Well, now that the playoffs are pretty much out of reach, I think, yes, you’ll see lots of starts for Enroth, especially since Kari has an “undisclosed medical issue.” Kari is apparently starting tonight vs the Avs, but I think that has more to do with wanting to not get swept in that series than anything else. But who knows. This group of guys has a ton of belief in their play and may still be pushing for that playoff spot.

As for pros & cons…Pro – We’ll get to see what Enroth’s really made of. He’s been pretty hung out to dry by the defense, but has also let in some soft goals, so I’m unsure if he’s really the guy I want to sign long term. Starting him more will let us know if he’s really worth signing in the summer since he goes UFA. Con – History will be working against  us, as no back up goalie has won a game they’ve started since March of last year. So the hard times might get even worse.

M: Goalie situation IMPLODES.


Definitely-Not-Carolyn Asks:

OMG this trade deadline has me going crazy! Is there any way to really know who “won” a trade especially when it’s just picks and prospects involved?


C: WHAT A GREAT QUESTION. In fact, there is an excellent sportsnet article I recommend everyone reading on the value of picks (related to the round they go in).

Other good rule of thumb is that the Maple Leafs are always losers, and the real winner is always Jagr.

Anonymous asked:

Do you guys think we should trade for a new goalie, trade Kari, I mean? And who would you have picked as the Stars new star goalie? 🙂

and because it’s in the same vein…

a-thorn-beneath-the-nail asked:

hi guys, a question about goalies for the mailbag thing! in a fantasy world where you’re the stars GM and could get any goalie you wanted, which goalie would it be? on a more realistic note, *should* we try to acquire another goalie? or are we good with what we already have (enroth & karicrab)?

M: Do I think we should trade Kari? I’m always interested in a trade that makes our team better, and it’s obvious that Kari has had a lot of challenges this year. We’re now getting reports of an “undisclosed medical issue” which could be a lingering issue? Could be something brand new. I’ve heard rumblings of continued concussion issues, but nothing’s substantiated. If Dallas isn’t going to give us a concrete reason that Kari’s been so godawful this year, I’m left to think there isn’t one. That he’s just awful. If we have the opportunity to trade for someone better, to upgrade our goaltending, that would honestly be amazing.

The problem now is Kari’s contract. He’s signed through 18/19 for 6 million a year, which is a hefty contract for a goalie that’s performing really well, and we all know Kari isn’t right now. (For contrast, Roberto Luongo, Jonathan Quick and Marc-Andre Fleury are all making LESS than Kari this season.) The Stars could move this contract if they’re willing to retain some salary, but then, well, we’d be retaining salary. If we could get the right cheap goaltender in return, then sure. We could go for it.

Who would we get? God, your guess is as good as mine. Scott Darling’s off the table now, and untested anyway. (Much as I love him.) The Leafs are sellers and might be willing to part with Reimer, which would make all of Carolyn’s wildest dreams come true.

C: *whispers* Reimer for Sceviour and a 4th Rounder

M: Precisely. Reimer has a cap hit of 2.6 this season and 2.0 next season before he goes UFA. He’s been a number one before and, as previously stated, Leafs are sellers right now. (Did you see that Clarkson deal, oh my god.) Could be a good fit for Dallas.

C: My absolute fave number one starter goalie I’d love to see on this team would be Rinne. But that’s not happening. Nashville wouldn’t be where they are without him.

M: I mean. While we’re pie-in-the-skying it, yes. Rinne would be a great fit because he’s used to the west and he’s UNREAL in the net. Although, according to not-CapGeek, he’s signed through some ungodly year.


Kallesto asks –

Do we have a Jordie beard update?


C: Why yes we do:

Photobooth time for Jordie and Jason.

A post shared by DallasStars (@dallasstars) on

shiny-luv asks –

Jamie’s helmet hair? Can he be rescued from his gel?

M: Short answer? No. Long answer? He once gave an interview where he said his hair aesthetic was to make it as slick backed and gelled down as possible. People change, sure, but even with a better hair cut this summer he spent most of the time slicking it back or hiding it under hats. Hockey players in general have the absolute worst hair (unless you’re Henrik Lundqvist, his follicles are touched by god.)

Thanks for all your questions, friends! Keep sending them to us, and we’ll make sure they all get answered, either on the podcast or in future Mail Bags.


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