2.27.15 – Stars vs Avalanche Game Recap (Are You As Tired Of This Shit As I Am?)

FRIENDS. We would need to win 15 of our next 20 games to even be considered in the playoff race. I’m pretty sure we’re all aware the likelihood of that is about as good as one of our three backup goalies stealing us a game this year (brb I’m laughing). Now would be an appropriate time to start your grieving process for missing the post season.

(It never hurts to start preparing yourself. And you know, if they surprise the whole world and the teams around them in the bubble suffer epic collapses, well, you can jump straight out of that grieving process into jubilation.) (I just want you to understand the likelihood of this happening, so I found you this site: Sports Club Stats. Only read if you’re prepared to weep.)


2.27 Stars vs COL Corsi_ZSO

Information from war-on-ice. Overall CF% at 5v5 was 57.3%, overall SCA/60 against was 28.4 (slightly over league average) all numbers score adjusted.

Well thank goodness for Jordie and Demers.

First period

2 27 Stars v CO 1

The first eight minutes of this period were almost mind numbingly boring. Eight minutes without a whistle, just back and forth, back and forth. No one had any amazing scoring chances, I’m pretty sure the shots were 2-1 at the first whistle. So. Boring.

At the whistle though, we find out that Demers and McLeod “had words” with each other DURING WARM UPS. They couldn’t even wait till the game started. Demers is lobbying to be my new favorite. Blood feud with the Avs, Demers? LET’S GO.

The only uploaded video of the incident I can find is only viewable in Canada, but here are some lovely gifs:


source: bennyandthestars

If you’re in Canada (or have the ability to make your computer think you are), you can find the video here.

Thing to remember about this: McLeod is the one who reopened Demers’ stitches last time the teams played, which incensed Demers so much that even after the referees had separated everyone and he’s bleeding profusely from his bottom lip, Demers skated over to face wash McLeod. YOU GET HIM, YOU BLEEDING ANGEL OF DEFENSE.

The only other truly amazing thing in this period was the shot of Patrick Roy’s beard. I just have not noticed this thing the last couple of times we’ve played them? I’m assuming due to how full it is that it isn’t a new thing. It’s like ginger on the sides and full on white under his chin, he’s like a flipping wizard.

Look at this thing:

Second period:

2 27 Stars v CO 2

So the second period went pretty well for us, obviously. Scored a beauty of a goal a little under three minutes in. Seriously, it went through two Avs trying to block and Garbutt, I think, trying to screen. It was just laser precision.

Barrie elbowed Jamie in the face, which is probably gonna make their summer vacation a little more awkward, but even more awkward is how terrible our power play continues to be. (Yes, we had an exciting little blip but meh, I’m not very impressed recently.)

Barrie goal: even Razor is disgusted.

Spezza scored literally 29 seconds later, which was great. Jamie went off for a hooking penalty but our PK continues to be the most amazing.

Third period

2 27 Stars v CO 3

Like. Millionth verse, same as the first, our third period was disgusting. Kari can’t perform behind a screen. His reaction times are so off. His judgement isn’t the best. (Like seriously, there was a really weird bit where there was a delayed penalty to the Avs and Kari just . . . didn’t go to the bench. There was another one where he was waving for icing when it wasn’t? icing? I couldn’t figure him out last night.)

I don’t even want to go into this you guys. We had turnover issues, we couldn’t seem to win a faceoff to save our lives, and we couldn’t. fucking. shut. down. the. third. period. again.


Two things I do want to note: Roussel’s goal was beautiful. I loved watching that thing just dribble slowly over the goal line. None of the defense went in for it because I’m pretty sure they all thought Varlamov had it. Varlamov thought he had it. It was one of those spirit breaking moments that if it had come earlier in the game when the Stars had an onslaught of shots might have worked better for them.

The other is that power play. Everberg goes off for a penalty when the game is tied. Klingberg comes down with the puck and like, actually trick Varlamov into emptying the net and then just . . . misses. Look, this was literally the most important power play of the season and they blew it. They got close but Klingberg BLEW that.


Overtime and the shootout

LOOK I DON’T EVEN. Too sad to graph. We had some really great chances in OT and Kari actually came back with some great stops, but it didn’t matter. We’re shit in OT and at this point it’s just a self fulfilling prophecy. The shootout was lame. Just lame. Ralph and Razor very graciously said Varlamov poke checked Jamie’s shot but dude, Jamie just lost that. It was a thing.



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