3.3.15 Podcast Episode 6 (The One With All the Singing)

This episode, the Bearded Ladies sing your least favorite theme song, we break down our #hottakes on the Trade Deadline, Carolyn tries to be cool, and #Merrin #hashtags #everything.

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Supplemental Materials

A good list of all the completed trades from Trade Deadline day

My bad Buffalo, Chad Johnson’s SV% is .889, not .867. That would be Enroth.

A good article (asked about, but not referenced during the podcast) by Heika explaining exactly how difficult it is to coach goalies.

Our article, Grinding it In Deep, if you need a giggle.

And the NHL.com Stat Site, if you haven’t seen it yet.

CORRECTIONS: (posted by Merrin, which is why there’s gonna be a BOOYAH vibe to this) (HASHTAG I WAS RIGHT.) Jim Nill was actually with the Red Wings organization for two decades. He was hired as a scout in 1994 and promoted to assistant gm in 1999 (or thereabouts). Either way, nothing significant happened with Jim Nill or the Red Wings in 2005.

Chart From Last Night’s Game

Perhaps the Hockey Gods are finally satisfied with the sacrifices offered, as this has all the makings of a game we should’ve lost. No line coloring because we had 11 forwards and lots of shufflin’. And yes, that is Patrik Nemeth. He’s back y’all!

3.3 Stars vs NYI Corsi_ZSO


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