3.7.15 Stars vs Lightning Game Recap (Charts? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Charts!)

I worked outside in the 40 degree weather most of yesterday, so while I watched the game last night, my commentary is not going to be as cutting or insightful as you are used to. I apologize. But you know who really needs to apologize? The Stars. For getting our hopes up. Again.

All numbers from war-on-ice, 5v5, score adjusted, unless otherwise noted.

The Good

  • TYLER FUCKING SEGUIN IS BACK!! After just 3 weeks, his miraculous healing powers put him back in our line up. And he scores 2 goals. Because he’s Tyler Fucking Seguin.
    • Side Note: Lindy had him on the wing last night as a “sheltering” move for Tyler’s knee. Originally Eakin was centering him & Benn, but Spezza was switched in during the 2nd, and Eakin went back with his usual compatriots.
  • The power play scored two goals, kinda. The first was a brilliant little shot from Seguin to tie the game in the 1st. It was the kind of goal that the Stars had been missing with Seguin out and seemed to herald great things during the game. The 2nd power play goal had far fewer implications, as Fiddler managed to push it past Vasilevskiy with only 2 seconds left in the game and only after Tampa had scored an empty netter to give them a 2 goal advantage.

The Más o Menos

3.7 Stars vs TB Corsi_ZSO

  • This is about as So-So as you can get. The team CF% was 50.2%, so about dead even. We played a terrible, sloppy first, an excellent 2nd, and then as we all know, melted down in the 3rd.
    • Side Note: Goligoski was having an ok game until Klingberg went out. Once we were down to 5 defenders he kind of melted down, and Jordie(!!!!) became our go-to offensive D-man.
    • Side Note 2: These lines are about as accurate as I can make them with the Ruffle Shuffle happening between periods while I was drinking.
    • Side Note 3: I was quite surprised that Brett Ritchie was the scratch over Sceviour in this game, because other than his shootout winning goal the other day, Sceviour has not been impressive lately. He was unimpressive again tonight. Meanwhile, both Baby Rookie Brett Ritchie and Curtis “Fight the Giant” McKenzie have both shown glimpses of brilliance, and are making me very excited for the future.
  • I’m sticking Enroth in this category because two of those goals were on the worst line changes I’ve seen this year, and he was basically hung out to dry. He made a couple of huge stops to keep the game close, and we even finally got a lucky bounce where the puck went off his back and on top of the goal instead of into the goal.

The Bad

  • John Klingberg, potential Calder nominee, goes out in the 2nd with a lower body injury. It looked like he might come back for the 3rd period, but after skating a few laps, he disappeared back down the tunnel and didn’t reemerge for the rest of the game. I still haven’t heard anything from the team. Hopefully, it’s not serious and he just needs these few days off to rest up. The Stars don’t play again until Tuesday.
  • DOES IT EVEN NEED TO BE SAID? The Stars let the Lightning score twice in 2 minutes to take the lead in the 3rd period. Then, WHILE ON THE POWERPLAY, they allowed the empty net goal. Because this is our season.
    • Side Note: The Pitbull line last night deservedly drew a lot of ire from Stars fans last night, as they were a) terrible in our zone and b) were the players who had the sloppy line changes that caused the two goals against. I know Lindy likes to trust them with the difficult assignments, and last year, they could handle it, but this year, something has to give.

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