3.10.15 Stars vs Flyers Game Recap (With A Curse-broken Chart)

I don’t know who was more surprised that we won last night, me or the team. If you hadn’t heard, it was Kari’s first win over the Flyers….ever. That’s right, it took him 14 games to get that win, and boy did he earn it.

Per usual, numbers from War-on-ice, 5v5 and Score Adjusted.

The Good

  • Kari has to be the first thing I mention here, because I really have started feeling for the dude. He was just lambasted as the least helpful NHL member by an article over on the Bleacher Report, so he’s definitely had to push most of that out of his mind. Couple that with the mental strain of never having won against this team, AND playing with four rookie defensemen (Demers was out sick, Oleksiak was in) in front of him….and then still pulling off some game changing saves. He looked confident last night, so maybe his head is on straight and we can all move on to criticizing something else.


3.10 Stars vs PHI Corsi_ZSO

  • Overall, the team’s Corsi last night was 59%. That’s pretty outstanding, considering how back & forth the game looked at times, especially during the first period. Color coding is missing from the defensemen, as they were rotated through all night, though you can kind of guess who spent more time together from Zone Starts.
    • Side Note: Cody Eakin was a healthy scratch last night for “Team Disciplinary Reasons.” We took the liberty of speculating what that could’ve meant, since we don’t have a blood thirsty media like Toronto does.

    • Side Note 2: While the McKenzie-Horcoff-Ritchie line doesn’t look great in possession, they were one of the absolute best lines last night, going toe-to-toe with the Voracek-Giroux-BSchenn line. BRBR scored the first goal of the game for the Stars, and no one got into a stupid fight with someone larger than them. Probably because Oleksiak was in the lineup and he’s the biggest.

The Más o Menos

  • Even though half our defense last night is still marveling at buying a beer without having to use a fake ID, the team actually posted a league average of 25 Scoring Chances against per 60 minutes. The Rookies acquitted themselves really well, with only Klingberg going over that number, and Nemeth really showed what he can do as a shutdown guy. I’m very excited to see more from him in the coming games.


The Bad

    • Side Note: For those who didn’t see the game last night, Zac Rinaldo came off the bench, skated straight for Klingberg, and laid him out with a very late high hit. There was no call on the ice, though it was textbook charging (according to everyone but Luds, who thinks all physical play is “borderline”). It was late, it was high, and he’s unlikely to get punished for it. Klingberg left the game with an “upper body injury” and didn’t return. We have had no updates since the post game, which just confirmed the injury.
    •   Side Note 2: Yes, this is the same Flyer that elbowed Letang in the head and called it “a game changing play.”

  • Side Note 3: Rinaldo is the definition of a goon and needs to get the fuck out of the NHL.

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