3.13.15 – Stars vs Capitals Game Recap (Rise of the Muck Line)

Heyoooooooooooooooooo did you miss our recap yesterday? We were otherwise occupied: Carolyn’s in another state right now and I had some nerdery to attend to.

Anyway you get one today because my Friday night was wide open and DID YOU SEE THAT!? WE WON THE GAME.

We won a game in which we dominated play all three periods. Like, literally all three periods.

Before we get to the chart, have a graphic from the pregame coverage that made my night:

And now your expected graph:

3.13 Stars vs WSH Corsi_ZSO

Numbers are from waronice.com, 5v5, score adjusted. There was an entire period of penalty minutes (plus two minutes) so these numbers are only two periods, basically.

This whole game was so good for me.

First period

3.13 Stars vs WAS 1st

Two minutes into the game the Caps take the stupidest penalty, too many men. Or.

If you’ve been paying attention this season at all, you know our power play hasn’t been very . . . powerful. At all. Not so tonight, bud. Not at all. Horcoff fires a shot off from the top of the faceoff circle that I’m pretty sure ping ponged off a few Caps players on it’s way into the net. Holtby was screened by two of his own players but was still able to get an elbow up. Idk, y’all, it wasn’t his night.

Eakin got clocked by a puck in the throat and went down the tunnel for a bit, but seemed to be fine after that? I haven’t heard any updates on any lingering injury. Must have just stung him, hopefully.

After holding the Caps two zero shots through the first seven minutes of the game, the Stars finally started giving up some chances which, of course, the Caps capitalized on. Glencross took advantage of Jokipakka completely misreading him to get one past Lehtonen.

That, however, was 5v5 because our PK was 100% last night.

Eakin came back to the game after Glencross scored, and Sceviour celebrated with a beauty goal of his own. Look at this thing:

I mean there are like six people standing between him and the netting, and that puck manages to miss all of them. ALL. OF. THEM. Idk y’all, Sceviour might be magic and I’m totally okay with this.

Second period

3.13 Stars vs WAS 2nd

Few more ups and downs this period which, you know, to be expected probably. Joel Ward gets a double minor for highsticking Nemeth and drawing blood. Even though we’d already scored on the power play, I was still kinda skeptical about it, like an asshole.

There goes Seguin, making me look silly.

But like. Look at this.

Segs made EVERYONE look silly, but especially Holtby. Like. This was a Kari move this season. No one screening, nothing happening, Holtby was perfectly square to him. There’s really no reason Holtby shouldn’t have had that puck, he just . . . didn’t. Which. You know. AWESOME.

Wilson gets a penalty for sitting on Kari that has the Caps fans booing and starting up “ref you suck” chants. Look Washington, no one touched Wilson. You can see in the slo-mo replay that no one touched Wilson, and I’m pretty sure they show penalties on the scoreboard. The fact that you’re angry about a perfectly reasonable penalty being called just makes you a silly goose.

Fiddler scores on the ensuing power play, which honestly, while the crowd was still chanting “ref you suck,” was just beautiful for me. NOT GONNA LIE.

Holtby was pulled after this. Bye bye, Holtby. Helloooooooooo, Peters.

Third period

3.13 Stars vs WAS 3rd

Obviously a bit more down here. Stars didn’t score this period, the Caps did, and the Caps were chippy fucks.

But! Despite the fact that we got didn’t score in this period, we didn’t get outplayed either. Looking at 5v5 CF for this period is kinda useless, there were ten minutes of penalties handed out, but lemme tell you, we killed it. The Caps super chippy this period. Ovechkin (notice this is the first time I mentioned him all recap long?) had an awkward hit on Demers against the boards which thankfully resulted in nothing. Ovechkin was probably mad because Demers made him COMPLETELY INEFFECTUAL all night long. Stealing the puck from him, blocking his zone entry, whatever Demers could do to make sure Ovechkin got freaking nowhere with the puck, Demers did it. It was a beautiful, beautiful thing to watch. Demers, I love you on this team. Looooooove.

Anyway. Tom Wilson makes a driving run at Nemeth, and I still can’t figure out why nothing got called. Have you seen that gif of Taylor Hall jumping on Jordie Eberle after they won World Juniors? No? Here:

It was kind of like that, except no one had won anything (yet) and Tom Wilson and Patrik Nemeth aren’t friends (that I know of). Anyway, Tom Wilson checks Nemeth hard in front of the Caps bench, and LEAVES HIS FEET TO DO SO, and literally not a thing is called. Wilson ends up with a roughing call and an unsportsmanlike after Cody Eakin jumps in to defend Nemo’s honor, but that was for the scrum afterwards, not the check on Nemeth.

So idk, sometimes it feels like open season on the Stars, and that’s kinda bullshit. Thank goodness we’re pretty good at sticking up for ourselves.

Oh hey, an artist’s rendition of the scrum, since I can’t actually find a video of it:

Anyway. I used to be at a place that I found Tom Wilson’s bromance with Michael Latta sweet and endearing, but man. Nope. F that guy.


Ritchie agrees.

Someone scores (Ovechkin took the initial shot and . . . idek just check the scoresheet) scores on the weird bounce and the goal was soooooo weird. Kari gets his arm up to try to catch it, I guess, and I’m pretty sure actually ended up knocking it into the goal, because from the angle it was shot I really don’t even see how it was going to be anything but hella wide without some assistance.

Whatever. They got their second goal, the goal horn/siren/song combo at the Verizon Center is one of the most annoying that I’ve heard, but in the end it meant NOTHING because WE WON.


Still five points out of a playoff spot with no games in hand on the teams ahead of us. Prepare yourselves, babes, and then watch this.


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