3.15.15 – Stars vs Blues Game Recap (Who Even Wants a Postseason)

So, kittens. In the 2/27 recap I told you we needed to win 15 of our next 20 games to even have a chance for the playoffs. We’ve won 5 of 8. Which means, if you can do math, that we need to win 10 of 12 now, and those two losses better be OT losses and not regulation ones. I’m getting these odds from here: Sports Club Stats

I just. I hope you’re all preparing. I’m preparing. I’ve got lots of vodka and craft beer. And pizza. Nothing eases heartbreak like pizza.

ANYWAY. This game was so starry. It was so stupidly starry.

Have a chart.

3.15 Stars vs STL Corsi_ZSO

Muck Line still doing work. Fiddler and Sceviour had a great game. JoBenn and Demers are not playing as well apart as they do together. I need Klingberg and Daley back in the lineup so those two can be reunited. (Someone on twitter asked about the Victorian pining going on between those two and that was a nice distraction after the game.)

First period

3.15 Stars vs STL 1st

Garbutt’s out again and according to Ruffles, he’s out until someone gets injured. And honestly, that’s been great for the team in the short run. I know we lost this game but honest to jeebus, it wasn’t because we played badly (the whole time).

Anyway. First period was scoreless. (Spoilers, so was the second.) The best part about first two periods (in my humble opinon) was the Ralph and Razor commentary. We received some amazing little tidbits. My favorite:

There was also a long span of Razor talking about how amazing our power play has been since the all star break, which turns out to be the height of irony. Thanks for jinxing it, bud.

Second period

3.15 Stars vs STL 2nd

So like. The second period was basically the first. A lot of Stars dominating possession. A lot of shots on goal. A lot of outplaying the Blues. No scoring. BRBR had some great shifts, the Muck Line had some good shifts, and Jamie had this absolutely dominant shift that Michalek will be feeling for a while, I imagine. It stirred the crowd up but unfortunately didn’t do much to help the Stars find twine. Stars had four power play opportunities in the first two periods and scored on a grand total of zero of them.

Darren Pang got hit by a puck late in the second and honestly that was the most exciting thing that happened.

I’m going to quote myself, because this is 50% my blog and I can.

Third period

3.15 Stars vs STL 3rd

This you guys, this. All season long this team has been making Vezina candidates out of rookies and backups (I can’t tell if Allen is the backup in St. Louis, he and Elliott have split the games pretty evenly?) and it’s just getting ridiculous. What is this? Why is this? How is this? Is it our shot quality? We’re getting quality scoring chances, are we just aiming for the goalie instead of the empty spaces around the goalie? WHAT IS IT. We had another two power plays this period for a grand total of SIX. SIX SQUANDERED POWER PLAY OPPORTUNITIES. I don’t even know anymore.

So Tarasenko strikes first after a pass from Seguin to Jokipakka gets intercepted in the Blues zone. This is after the Backes/McKenzie roughing minors (hearts eyes to you forever Muckbae) so 4×4 hockey. Tarasenko has ALL THE ROOM IN THE WORLD to do anything his little heart desires. Blues carry it down the ice and Jamie Benn gets completely outplayed and Tarasenko has no trouble getting it past Kari. Can’t even blame Kari for that one, it should never have gotten off of Tarasenko’s stick.

The Steen goal came on a power play for the Blues. Here’s a fun stat:

We’d been IMPECCABLE in the first, kept the Blues to zero shots. First shot on the power play gets right past Kari. He could have had it, probably, if he were having a different season. But he’s having this one, so he didn’t.

The last one was an empty netter. Seguin was between Oshie and the net, and Oshie literally sent it straight through his legs. Seguin trips, goes down, puck goes in the net. Kinda embarrassing, but there you go.


source: gfhockey


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