3.20.15 – Podcast Episode 7 (The One With the Mic Problems)

So much going on today for the Beardiest Ladies! I hope y’all are voting in the Tournament, and while you do, you can listen to the newest podcast!

In this episode, the Ladies sound like they’re talking into a tin can, go over some proposed NHL rule changes, complain about living in the coolest city in the USA, and try to keep things positive, despite the Stars’ dwindling playoff chances.

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Supplemental Materials

Here is the DBD article on the proposed rule changes

The Panthers being ALL THAT IS MEN last year:

Correction: Jordie Benn is 2nd overall in dCorsi. Which is still great. (also, his boo Demers is up there too).

And finally, you may have noticed the Stars won against the Pens last night! Here’s your favorite chart:

3.19 Stars vs PIT Corsi_ZSO

(the really badly drawn blue line is because Merrin made me laugh while I was doing it)


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