3.21.15 Stars vs Blackhawks Game Recap (HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM CHARTS)


Listen, we all know that I love the Blackhawks, but I was having a shitty day, and I really wanted the Stars to win, because as improbable as it is, I haven’t given up hope on a miracle run, and…ho-ly cow did they ever.

Per usual, numbers from war-on-ice, 5v5, and Score Adjusted

The Good

  • Kari “Bad Motherfucker” Lehtonen. Kari OWNED that game. There were a few times that he looked a bit “scrambled” but mostly it was because he was tracking the puck so well against a stupidly fast team. Kari stopped 33 shots, including a Hossa breakaway chance AND a Brandon Saad penalty. It was his 5th shutout of the season, and an impressive one at that.
  • Both sides of the Special Teams equation were brilliant, which is practically unheard of in Dallas. Tyler Seguin and Shawn Horcoff both scored with the man advantage, and our PK units did work, killing off two dangerous powerplays.
    • Side Note: I’ll have some fun analytics for you coming up this week, but suffice it to say, if you want to talk about efficiencies in special teams, scoring chances for are a pretty good indicator of whether you’re going to take home points over the long term. Tonight was better than our average, which doesn’t say much, but is a step in the right direction.
  • Depth scoring doesn’t get much prettier than Eaves’ scoring in the first with a nice little ping off the bar and into the net…not when it’s followed by that gorgeous goal by Spezza off a slick pass by Eaves.
  • Also, because it shouldn’t be missed. Here’s the Jordie hit on Andrew Shaw


The Más o Menos


3.21 Stars vs CHI Corsi_ZSO

  • You know what? I don’t even care. That said, the Spezza line was electric, and Goligoski and JJ did very well, even though they were consistently matched up against the Toews line. If we play like this every night and end up with that chart 5v5, SO BE IT.
    • Side Note: SCA/60 were a team average of 22.0 last night, which is lower than league average and far lower than the Stars’ average. In fact, they have’t gone over league average (25) since the loss to Tampa Bay. Defense: It works.
  • Also, this game is a pretty stark illustration of the difference between Corsi (Shots on Goal + Missed Shots + Blocked Shots) and Scoring Chances (Shots from dangerous areas of the ice with high potential to score) and why stat people are starting to use the latter over the former.

3.21 shot attempts chart

3.21 scoring chances chart

The Bad

  • There was nothing bad about this game. Now go, celebrate my friends, AND DON’T YOU DROP THAT ALCOHOL


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