Podcast Episode 8 (The One Recorded By Merrin)

In the latest episode of the podcast, we talk women’s hockey, Merrin makes her HockeyFightsDV pledge, Carolyn is again reminded of how much the Stars hate fancy stats, and no one wants to go up against the Swedes in a dystopian America.

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Supplemental Materials

A couple good articles on the NWHL:

First, one from Zoe Hayden (who has covered the CWHL’s Boston Blades this season).

And one from Mike Burse (who does a lot of CWHL analytics).

And a link to the NWHL website – if you haven’t watched their opening video, do it (and try not to cry).

There is a lot more to come on the NWHL – they will be announcing coaching hires some roster info in May.

Here’s the Month-by-Month possession stat chart:

3.30 - Dallas Month by Month

And now the depressing chart

If you didn’t guess, Merrin had no idea we were playing the Flames last night. There was not enough wood in the world to change our luck. (So I guess this makes 26 “should’ve wons”).

3.30 Stars vs CGY Corsi_ZSO


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