4.3.15 – Stars vs Blues Game Recap (Twitter With Occasional Graph)

Y’all it’s too much tonight. Also, there was some miscommunication between the Bearded Ladies and the one who was paying attention doesn’t have time to write the recap, and the one who does have the time wasn’t watching. So you get this instead.

The usual graph from Carolyn.

4.3 Stars vs STL Corsi_ZSO

Numbers from waronice.com, 5v5 score adjusted. Overall, CF was 60%. Stars had 32 shots on goal, Blues 21. That’s right, TWENTY ONE. The Blues scored seven goals on 21 shots.

Which is really just. sad. If Nill doesn’t address our defense/goaltending issues over the summer, I’m going to stop calling him “The One.”

Biggest story tonight (I mean other than our massive massive loss) was THE RETURN OF VAL NICHUSHKIN TO DALLAS.


So in the first period, Eaves scored what could have been his 12th goal of the season. Instead, it’s ruled that Spezza made contact with Elliott and the goal was waved. Lindy had an expected explosion on the bench.

I agree, Lindy. Complete horseshit.

The Blues score, because of course they do, but with 30 seconds left in the period, Moen gets a penalty shot, and does what only someone taking their first penalty shot can do.

He scores.

The second period is stupid with goals. Two from the Blues that we won’t talk about, because I didn’t actually watch them. There were SEVEN GOALS in the second period, and four of them were from the Stars. Of those, TWO were Jamie Benn, bringing him to THIRTY GOALS FOR THE SEASON.

He also assisted on Seguin’s goal, which gave him three points for the game.

And there’s still four more games left this season! He’s four behind his best season ever (which was last season). I believe in you, Jamie. You are the Pan.

Also speaking of Seguin’s goal, it was originally stopped by Elliott but the deflection went in off Shattenkirk, and the Stars’ twitter got sassy as fuck.

I love the internet.

The Blues scored to end the period because the hockey gods hate us, our defense is kinda weak, and our goalie is a leaky sieve.

Also the goal went in off Jason Demers’ skate(s).

And then we went into the third period with a one goal lead. Idk if you remember anything about our third period . . .

They play this video in the arena during the third period. Even when we’re down. Even when we can’t seem to score. It’s almost cruel at this point.

The Blues scored twice. Lindy pulled Kari with seven minutes left in the game. Why exactly? Your guess is as good as mine. But Enroth remains perfect in relief, though it’s probably because he faced exactly one shot.

We pulled our goalie because that’s what we always do, though as we’ve said every time they’ve done this since we looked at the numbers, our record when our goalie is pulled is ATROCIOUS. So they should stop doing that.

And that’s what you missed on twitter.

What you probably need to know about us losing this game is that there is literally no hope for the playoffs. Well. Not literally. We aren’t actually mathematically eliminated yet, but we might as well be:

But hey, let’s end on a happy note, yes? Jamie got a hair cut!

So at least he looked hella fly during this incredibly disheartening defeat.

(Don’t worry, regular game recaps will be back after tonight’s game.)


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