4.16.15 SC Playoffs Recap (Merrin Tries To Say Nice Things About the Ducks)

If you think Carolyn didn’t purposefully schedule our write ups so I had to talk about the Ducks . . . well, she says she didn’t but I don’t believe her.

I didn’t watch all of these games, obviously, because even the magic of having three mobile devices to watch games on can’t conquer all things.

Game 1: Jets vs Ducks

Final Score: Jets 2 – Ducks 4


The NHL headline on the app makes it seem like there was all the comeback drama in this game, but the Ducks were only ever down by 1, so how much drama is there, really.

None. There is no drama. Ducks are boring. The Jets, however . . . It started in warm ups when Andrew Ladd steps on a puck and runs over his own goaltender.

Pavelec was apparently fine and played the game, but did let in a completely un-Pavelec like goal to start the game. Sami Vatanen takes a shot from the point that deflects off literally no one and just . . . trickles in. It wasn’t even a howitzer of a shot, I think Vatanen was just throwing it on net to see what happened with the rebound. While they’re still announcing the Vatanen goal, Trouba gets the puck at the blue line and Lowry has a wide open shot at the net for a nifty deflection. Lowry gets the goal, but man that pass by Trouba was impressive.

Jets scored again in the second, but the third period belonged to the Ducks and their two power play goals. Corey Perry scored twice so you KNOW how happy I am about that. Many people in orange were leaping with joy. I cuddled my bracket that has the Jets winning in 6 and cooed at it and told it that it was pretty.

What we learned: Anaheim had a terrible PP% in the regular season (sitting at 28th in the league) and Winnipeg had a serviceable PK% (13th). But lolololol that means nothing in the playoffs, apparently. Winn’s going to have to figure out their PK pretty quick, because ⅓ isn’t gonna cut it, now that the Ducks have found their man advantage mojo.

I never want that many people in that offensive an orange to be that happy.

Oh also this Wheeler hit that happened AFTER the game was over:

Blake Wheeler. American Hero. <3333333333

This series is gonna be so chippy. I hope they kill each other. Straight up murder.


Game 2: Penguins vs Rangers

Final Score: Penguins 1 – Rangers 2

So the Penguins have been spiraling for much of the late season, and this game didn’t really feel like they’d done much to find their stride for the post season. Rangers held BOTH Crosby and Malkin to 3 shots on goal . . . together. Neither of them assisted on the Pens’ lone goal either. What does that mean? The Rangers are pretty good at defense, actually, and so much doom and gloom in Pittsburgh.

Brassard scores 28 seconds in the game on a juicy rebound from a Rick Nash shot. Fleury either needs to stop giving those up or someone on the Pens defense needs to be in the zone faster than the offense. Near the end of the first, Captain America Ryan McDonagh scores from the top of the zone on a PP from Chris Kunitz’s goaltender interference penalty.

Blake Comeau scores in the second off a truly sloppy rebound from Lundqvist, who had some choice words afterwards for the officials about the traffic in front of his net.

Injuries: Scuderi took a stick to the nose, but it wasn’t high sticking because it was a follow through on a shot. Looks painful though.

Girardi left the game after taking both a puck and a stick to the face. They’re going to update his status today, but apparently everyone would be surprised if he doesn’t play tomorrow.

Controversy: I saw this several places on twitter and there’s a handy youtube video, so I’m gonna go ahead and include it. According to *sources* Crosby was annoyed that Scuderi wouldn’t pass him the puck and intentionally went offsides in the second. Seems like bullshit, but this is a pretty egregious offsides.

What we learned: Rangers were only able to get two past MAF on 38 shots, so if the Penguins can kick up their offense, their goaltender is certainly trying to keep them in it.


Game 3: Red Wings vs Lightning

Final Score: Red Wings 3 – Lightning 2

Tampa Bae is doing me wrong here. Red Wings started almost-a-rookie goaltender Petr Mrazek in net. I’m not sure if it’s solely because he shut the Lightning out earlier this season, but it might as well have been. As mentioned in our bracket write ups, Howard’s play has declined since his injury, though as far as I can tell his Sv% is still better. Whatever, ride the goalie that’s hot. (Pun intended.)

Magic Man Pavel Datsyuk does what Pavel Datsyuk does to give the Red Wings the early lead. Minutes later, while on the PK, Ben Bishop throws a punch at Darren Helm’s head. While the Red Wings are looking for a whistle they weren’t going to get, Brian Boyle steals the puck and carries it all the way down and scores shorthanded. Tie game.

Stralman gets called for goalie interference at the end of the first, a penalty that carries over the second and gets Datsyuk his second for the night. While there’s clearly evidence that Stralman collided with Mrazek, I’m still questioning this call. Mrazek came out to the top of the paint, outside of the paint, and put himself in the path of the oncoming Stralman. It was to make the stop on the goal, sure, but at that point, how is Stralman supposed to stop himself from running into Mrazek?


Glendening scores the most exciting goal of the night shorthanded.

One more TBL goal but too little too late, Red Wings win.

What we learned: Two shorthanded goals in one game? Both of these teams need to examine their power play. I just looked at the shots on goal and OH MY GOD. The Red Wings had FOURTEEN. FOURTEEN SHOTS ON GOAL. FOR THE ENTIRE GAME. Compared to TBL’s FORTY-SIX. So like. That’s another thing to address, I would think. Does Ben Bishop start game 2? I would guess so. Is he going to need to find his groove quick to keep that position? I would also guess so.

TBL also had 7 PPs they couldn’t capitalize on. S E V E N. So that’s a thing they should work on.

Oh my god, is TBL Dallas East???


Game 4: Wild vs Blues

Final Score: Wild 4 – Blues 2

This game was ridiculous. Goal for Minnesota in the first, goal for Minnesota in the second, they go into the third with a 2-0 lead. AND THEN THE THIRD PERIOD.

I mean obviously they still won. But man, what a ridiculous period. Actually, what a ridiculous final 2 minutes. Schwartz had scored early in the 3rd, bringing the score to 2-1. Blues pull their goalie for the man advantage in the last two minutes and Granlund scores an empty netter. 3-1 Wild.

In the face off after that goal, Backes proves a) that he still has fight even when he’s down 3-1 and b) that he’s kind of a dick. Crosschecking penalty puts him in the box but hey, whatever, the Blues pull their goalie again (because that worked so well last time) and it’s Steen with a shortie. (Tonight was shorthanded night, I guess.) 3-2 Wild, so the Blues leave their goalie out.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand then it’s Pominville with the empty netter with 20 seconds left in the game. 4-2 Wild.

What we learned: Devan Dubnyk not only has to defend against the opposition, but his own players as well:

Man, that guy has turned this franchise around.

(Also, maybe put your goalie back in after the first empty netter.)


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