4.27.15 – Podcast Episode 10 (The One With the Sean Connery Impression)

The Ladies recap the playoffs thus far, take on #genderlesstrashtalk, come up with the best way to honor Ralph Strangis next year, and ask: who is more likely to freak out at a busy starbucks – Tuukka Rask or Jonathan Quick?

Supplemental Materials: I #factchecked myself on a few things (AND YES, I KNOW THE HASHTAGS DON’T WORK ON THE BLOG, THAT’S NOT THE POINT). Brian Elliot is not a UFA, but he does show up quite high on my list of potential candidates for a back up goalie. Here’s a great article where we got the Gary Bettman quotes. There are several articles written in support of women on this issue, and fortunately, most of the negative commentary has been from people leaving poorly spelled arguments in the comments section. Also, probably my favorite #genderlesstrashtalk insult I came up with the other day. Please, please join me in this. https://twitter.com/Classlicity/status/591711728188067841 Florida had 2.42 Goals per Game this season. Nashville had 2.72. (Dallas was even higher than I quoted at 3.13). So you know, put that in your GF% Relative and suck it. And finally, the best thing you will see all day. No seriously, click this link.


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