4.27.15 SC Playoffs Game Recap (So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu)

Game 7s, am I right?! I’m not heavily invested in the Eastern Conference (and by “not heavily invested” I mean “I barely acknowledge that some of these teams exist”) and I was still on the edge of my seat for most of the third last night in that Caps/Isles game.

But first! The Lightning won’t die, and the Red Wings are headed to Tampa Bay for their own game 7.
Game 1: Red Wings vs Lightning
Final Score: Lighting 5 – Red Wings 2
Series: Lightning 3 – Red Wings 3



So the Lightning survive for game 7 and I, for one, am super happy about it, since I picked them to win (in 6 games but whatever).

Few things I’m pressed about: if you go to the GCL app and watch the game recap, you get to hear a different play-by-play guy than you hear on the goal videos, and the guy on the game recap is HILARIOUS. I have no idea which is which, but go check this out if you have the mobile app. They do the much more sedate broadcast on the goal videos and website recap. Seriously, this guy is like GIANTS WIN THE PENNANT levels of intensity.

“SCOOOOORES! TYLER JOHNSON!!! THREE NOTHING LIGHTNING!” with like, his voice breaking and everything.

ANYWAY. Enough about that guy. This series has been banana pants. Neither team has won two games in a row, and since it was just TBL’s turn, that means Detroit’s gonna win it tomorrow, right? Maybe. WHO KNOWS. Hockey is wack.

This game was Tampa Bay’s to lose from the first three minutes, but the closest Detroit got was one down. Both Detroit goals came from Tomas “if we lose it isn’t gonna be my fault” Tatar. Tyler Johnson scored his 5th and 6th goals in this playoffs (in six games, who does this).

Right now one of the bigger stories to come out of this game is Niklas “if you’re a bird, I’m a bird” Kronwall’s elbow to Nikita “it’s not a girl’s name in Russian” Kucherov’s head.

No penalty. NO PENALTY. You read that right. And this isn’t like the Caps/Isles game, which we’ll get to in a minute, where nothing was called the whole game. There were 34 minutes in penalties assessed this game, and while that doesn’t sound quite as impressive as the rap sheet looks (they were all two minute penalties), the refs were ostensibly actually WATCHING the game. So why no call? Who knows. But Kronwall’s hearing is scheduled for this afternoon, so we’ll see. Game 7 could be even more interesting.

What we learned: If the Bolts make it through this first round, they owe Tyler Johnson big time. BIG TIME.

Game 2: Capitals vs Islanders
Final Score: Capitals 2 – Islanders 1
Series: Capitals 4 – Islanders 3

This had all the tension you could want out of a game that meant sudden playoff death for the losing team. Even with the Caps basically playing keep away with the Isles the entire game (the Isles had 11 shots on goal, total), there was still the sense that anything could happen at any moment. (Five of those 11 shots, by the way, came from Johnny “oh my GOD how did I get here” Boychuk, who was bound and determined that he would not be the reason his team exited first round.) (Still laughing at Boston for getting rid of that guy.)

But let’s talk about that 11 shots on goal thing.

If you don’t want to read the article, it also says that there were 47 shot attempts by the Isles to the Caps 60. There are a few things one could assume given the disparity in attempts and shots on goal, and both of those stats seem kind of misleading when you look at scoring chances, which were much more even. The Isles had 20 SCF and the Caps had 25. CF% was also not as disparate as you’d assume, though the Caps definitely won possession with 56%CF.

Let’s also talk about the fact that there was one penalty called the whole game. One.

And it wasn’t boarding against Alex “treasurer of the Russian knitting circle” Ovechkin:

No, it was a roughing call against John “oops did I do that” Carlson with three minutes left to go in the game. In a game his team was only leading by one. Like, I get it bud, they hadn’t been calling ANYTHING, so why expect them to call something now? Well. They did. Thankfully, the Isles power play performed as it had the entire series long (seriously 0-14) and the Caps killed that penalty and Carlson lived to see another playoff series.

Who will not live to see another playoff series?

Nassau Coliseum.

Too soon? Probably too soon.

Instead let’s talk about things that made us laugh:

What we learned:


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