4.29.15 SC Playoffs Game Recap (The Second Round Can Start Now)

Hockey happened last night, and while I didn’t watch the entire game, I watched enough of it to give you a recap. Aren’t you lucky?

The Only Game: Lightning vs Red Wings
Final score: Lightning 2 – Red Wings 0
Series: Lightning 4 – Red Wings 3

Give me a moment friends, I’m going to share a graph with you. This 5v5 shot attempts last night:

5v5 shot

I needed help with this one, so on the off chance that you do too, S=shots, M=missed shots, B=blocked shots, G=goals.

I like to call this graph further proof that the Lightning are actually Dallas East. Their team CF was a whopping 32%. They had 17 shots on goal but only 10 scoring chances to the Red Wings 20.

But who cares? Doesn’t matter how many scoring chances you don’t have when you’ve got the only one that matters in the end: the one that actually gets past rookie sensation Petr “may or may not hate puppies” Mrazek to give the Lightning the go-ahead goal.

If I cared more about the outcome of this game I probably would have been chewing furniture by the end of it. The game was scoreless until the third period with some EPIC missed chances on both sides. I don’t want to detract from the work of both Mrazek and Bishop here, because Bishop especially had a pretty masterful performance, but man. The whiffed and missed shots were really almost a bigger story this game.

Here’s Tomas “must I do everything myself” Tatar missing a GOLDEN opportunity right in front of the net:

The Wings weren’t the only team to totally whiff, but they’re the only team I have illustrative gifs for.

One of the bigger stories this series (other than the goaltending) is Steven “I have my own channel on Bolts TV” Stamkos and the fact that though he’s had 0 goals in the playoffs on 22 shots. More on that storyline as it develops against the Habs, but I’ve heard rumblings on twitter and podcasts that he could be injured, which could account for the pretty sharp decline in shots on goal between games 1 and 2.

He did have a pretty hilarious (to those who, again, don’t give a crap) gaff this game. See. The Lightning actually scored THREE times, but Stamkos and Riley “ask me about my purple teletubby costume” Sheahan got matching interference minors during the play that led to the second goal. Eh, whatever Stammer. It was only insurance at that point.

Mrazek’s reaction to the goal was pretty hilarious though:

Anton “yes another former Ranger” Stralman got the insurance empty netter with a minute left to go in the game. The defeated faces of the Red Wings on the bench was heartbreaking or delicious, depending on your fandom.

What we learned: Bolts go up against the Habs next, the team that swept them last year. Granted, they had Anders “can’t stop a beach ball except for my tanking team” Lindback in net because of a late season injury to Ben “tallest freestanding netminder” Bishop. But I’m sure they’re going into next round with something to prove.

I was going to say it should be an interesting round, but let’s be real. It’s the east. It’ll be a round that I write about to get to the SCF. Woo!


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