4.30.15 SC Playoffs Recap (I Hate Corey Perry Edition)

Goooooooooooooood morning and welcome to ROUND 2!! Are you excited? I’m excited. I mean, I’m caffeinated, which is the same thing, right?

Game 1: Rangers vs Capitals

Final Score: Rangers 1 – Caps 2

Series: Rangers 0 – Caps 1

The first game on the schedule is sure to kick off what should be a hotly contested, if low scoring series. There was a lot of hype around this match up, talking up the Rangers speed and scoring depth and pitting it against Ovechkin’s heavy hitting and Backstrom’s beautiful passing.

The game was a tight affair with the Capitals scoring on their much touted power play off, you guessed it, a bomb from Alex Ovechkin.

In the second, both goalies were spectacular, and the score remained at 1-0. In fact, very little happened until Chris “Luis Mendoza All Grown Up” Kreider decided to take matters into his own hands and use some of that Rangers SpeedTM to try to tie things up. Unfortunately, we all can guess how that ended.

Anyway, the Rangers came out swinging in the 3rd, thank you score effects, and were able to tie up the game with only 4 minutes left thanks to Jesper Fast. (Honest opinion time – I don’t think the Rangers are fast, especially not compared to teams like the Stars or the Blackhawks, or even the Preds this season. I think the media might just be getting their verbs confused – the narrative isn’t “the Rangers are fast” it’s “the Rangers have Fast”).

The game is tied, and everyone’s preparing to go to OT. I’m begging Ovi to do his thing so I can watch Flames/Ducks, and then…

Ovi MUSCLES through the neutral zone (literally there were 3 guys trying to deny his o-zone entry it was fucking sexy), gets a shot off that is blocked wide, rushes back behind the net. Nicklas “Hitting Machine” Backstrom comes out and crushes Boyle in the corner to free up the puck. The clock is ticking down, two seconds left. Ovechkin makes a slick pass and Joel “So Clutch He Could Shift Gears” Ward slides it right under Lundqvist.

The Hit:

The Goal:

What We Learned: Pregame narratives are just as good at predicting outcomes as the SAP engine was at predicting 1st round games. Which is to say, they’re going to be correct about 50% of the time, thanks to dumb luck. Also, Alex Ovechkin is shameless and I love him.


Game 2: Flames v Ducks

Final Score: Flames 1 – Ducks 6

Series: Flames 0 – Ducks 1

Oh, and there was hockey on. Let’s not talk about it.

What We Learned:


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