5.4.15 Mailbag! (USA FLAG EMOJI)

Monday is Mailbag day! Well, at least on weeks without a podcast, anyway. So we reached out to you good readers because we want to know what’s on your mind!

If you have a mailbag or podcast question, feel free to email us at beardiestladies@gmail.com, hit us up on twitter @beardiestladies or on tumblr at twobeardedladies.tumblr.com.


Anon Asked:

Hope this isn’t too late for a podcast question…What do you think will happen with Jordie in the future? Will they resign him after his contract is up? I love him on the team and want him to stay forever…


C: Sorry I didn’t catch this before the Podcast, but that’s the exact reason for this mailbag! I don’t see Jordie leaving the team, at least this coming season. He and Demers both have a year left on their contract, and Lindy obviously really likes them as a D-Pair. They both ate some pretty valuable 5v5 minutes this past season. Here’s their WOWY (though remember, Jason’s time apart from Jordie includes his minutes in San Jose).

Jordie-Demers WOWY

Jordie’s salary next year is still less than most of the other Dmen on our roster, including the rookies, so I think if Nill did move him it would be because the other team specifically requested him. As for staying with the Stars forever and ever? Well, as much as I’d like that, he’s not a franchise player, so his future probably has a lot to do with how he plays next year.

M: If his contract keeps being as cheap as it is now, I can’t see a lot of movement on it. Unless they just flat out refuse to resign him and he’s left to free agency. Which is something that could happen.


Anon Asked:

When you announced in your previous podcast that you had a special guest I actually freaked out and thought “No, they wouldn’t…or would they?” and then, as you announced the “secret guest” I actually screamed. You guys should keep singing! But I do have a question, actually, and that is; if you guys HAD called/gotten a call from Captain Jelly Bean what would you ask him, and if was possible would you keep him as a “special guest”, like what Tyler is to The Ticket (or w/e it’s called)? Thanks!


M: We’re planning on making the musical podcast an annual event, so we will definitely keep singing. But you know we’ll always be throwing songs out on the podcast, we can’t seem to stop.

If I had gotten a phone call from Captain Jelly Bean (I really love that we’re calling him this) at the time, I probably would have asked him about the sudden upswing in goals at the end of the season and what spurred that on. Maybe how he’s settling into his house. Maybe what his summer plans are. If he plans to see Avengers: Age of Ultron. (If he wants to see it with me . . . ) Given the opportunity to make him a regular guest, I would of course take it.

C: Hahaha, I’m glad you enjoyed our caterwauling. If you can’t tell, I love me some karaoke. What would I ask Jamie Benn…well, as a serious question, I’d probably ask him about the change in the defensive mindset of the forwards, because that seemed to be a pretty big turning point for the team. Like if there was some sort of “a-ha!” moment that made it all come together.

But we’ve also been tasked with the sacred mission of finding out if all the Stars have completed the “Texas Naturalization” rituals, so I’d also ask what he orders at Whataburger.

Anon Asked:

I was just wondering if you guys are watching the World Championship (IIHF), and are there any teams you cheer for, except the USA?


M: ooohhhhhhhhh Canada, our neighbor and delightful land!

Worlds isn’t quite as exciting for me as the Olympics, and I’m just not that heavily emotionally invested. (I’m saving that for willing the Blackhawks into the SCF.)  What I’m LOVING this World’s is Sidney Crosby and Claude Giroux playing on the same team for the first time in their lives. (If you’re unfamiliar with their previous contempt for each other, google it. It’s the stuff of legends.) But they’ve been forced to say nice things to each other in the media, play together on the ice, and just recently have been out drinking together around Prague. If I ever get to have a conversation with Spezza, I’m going to ask him what that evening was like.

C: I get REALLY patriotic during international competitions, even if it’s not a game I care about at all. BEACH VOLLEYBALL? AMERICA WILL KICK YOUR ASS. CHESS??? AMERICA!!!! UNDERWATER BASKET WEAVING?? EAGLES WILL LEARN TO SWIM, MOFO.

So, I’m not really cheering for any other team, but I do want all the Stars to do really well. Spezza’s racked up some points, Eaks had TWO GOALS yesterday, which was so great. Jokipakka scored the only goal for Finland against the US, Klingberg has at least one point so far, so really I just need Seguin to get on the board. Hattrick for Seguin next game. Which is now-ish. Calling it.

M: Booking it, done.


Anon Asked:

who would you want to go karaoke-ing with from the stars? or alternatively top 3 players in the league you would go karaoke-ing with??


M: Can I pick the whole team? I pick the whole team. Although if you’re gonna force me to pick, Jamie Benn obviously has no problem making a fool of himself rapping in public, so I choose him. Around the league? I know Sidney Crosby has a terrible singing voice and giggles a lot, so him. Oh my god also the entire Sharks team, or at least the ones involved in Holiday Sweater.

C: Ooooh, yeah, Demers would be super fun at karaoke. Also, I’d really like someone who knows all the words to songs from Grease to do duets, so maybe Patrick Kane? He has a lot of sisters, so has probably sat through that movie several times. And then I’d pick Klingberg, because I think he’d do a mean “Dancing Queen” since I’m pretty sure that’s the Swedish national anthem.

M: Why did I forget about Patrick Kane. He would be great.


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