5.4.15 SC Playoffs Game Recap (The Force Was With Them)

I’m having a “do I have to?” kind of moment, but I do. I know I do. This was not the game three of this series that my bracket was looking for.

Game: Rangers vs Capitals
Final Score: Rangers 0 – Capitals 1
Series: Ranger 1 – Capitals 2

Remember when we said this would be a goaltending battle? That’s exactly what we had last night. A goaltending battle between two of the best this season, and the Caps got the lucky bounce the Rangers had been praying for.

In a game where the Capitals were out possessed, out shot, and out scoring chanced, Braden “here for the puck I am hmmmm” Holtby stopped everything but Martin “only slightly larger than a puck” St. Louis from hitting the back of the net.


Other than trying to score with himself (take the puck with you next time, bud), St. Louis did have one of the best chances for the Rangers to get on the board with a breakaway in the 2nd that led to. Well. It kinda looked like MSL was playing darts, where the center of the dartboard is the logo on Holtby’s chest. Holtby didn’t even have to work for it once he got himself in position.


So that was . . . less than exciting.

Oh yeah and Jay “it’s not cheating to use the Force if everyone else does it too” Beagle actually did score. In the luckiest of lucky bounces, he actually banked it off both Nash’s skate and Lundqvist’s skate in a move so masterful it almost looked like it was on purpose.

(Of course it was on purpose.) (Or it actually was the Force.)

This had all the couch chewing anxiety you look for in a playoff game, really. Will the Rangers capitalize on one of their many, many chances? Will the Capitals be able to keep holding them off? Will Ovechkin score the insurance goal? Will Lundqvist finally snap on his defense and break their kneecaps?

What we learned: Second verse, same as the first. One of these goaltenders will come away having led their team to the Conference Finals, and one will . . . not.


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