5.9 SC Playoffs Game Recap (A Recap Only A Mother Could Love)

Happy Mother’s Day y’all! I hope you guys are out with your moms or on the phone with your mom or in front of the TV watching hockey (with or without your mom. The TV doesn’t care).

Game: Canadiens vs Lightning

Final score: Habs 2 – Bolts 1

Series: Habs 2 – Bolts 3

Full disclosure: I accidentally slept through the first two periods of this game. Though looking at the score, so did everyone who isn’t named Ben Bishop or Carey Price. The first period seems to have been a pretty close contest, with the Lightning putting up 9 shots to the Habs’ 10, and taking the slight lead in possession. Still they were unable to get out of the period without giving up the goal to Devante “Should’ve Been an Aristocrat” Smith-Pelly, a trade deadline acquisition from the Ducks who has been relatively quiet all playoffs (this is just his 3rd point). If you’re gonna score one goal though, it might as well be this one:

In the second, Tampa seems to forego shooting the puck in favor of doing stupid shit. They chalked up 3 penalties, and while Bishop didn’t actually let in any goals, there were definitely some heart stopping moments where he wasn’t on top of his game.

Anyway, the third finally starts, I’m finally awake-ish, and who comes to the Lightening’s rescue? Steven “I Huffle All the Puffs” Stamkos, picking up a rebound from a Price save.

Again, we’re all bracing ourselves for OT when PA “Uses My Initials So You Can’t Confuse Me With The Other Pierre” Parenteau gets luckier than literally all of his other teammates when his shot hits the post…and then actually goes in the goal.

Tampa makes a last ditch effort at getting another miracle goal, but it wasn’t to be, and Montreal gets the much-needed win to extend their season.

What We Learned: Ryan “Call Me Mike. Magic Mike.” Callahan might have a good plan B in the exotic entertainment industry if this whole “hockey” thing doesn’t pan out.


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