5.12.15 Podcast Ep 11 (The One Where Merrin Walks Away)

The Two Bearded Ladies attempt to update you on the Stars playing in Worlds, cast aspersions on Jimmy Veseys moral character, Carolyn goes on a rant about East Coast Bias, and Merrin tries to make #duhviously happen. (It’s never going to happen).

Supplemental Materials

Click here to check out the IIHF World Championships rotating rosters. It’s annoying as hell.

Click here to read the Goals Per Game article we reference

Come get upset with us about the East Coast Bias (Note: these numbers do not include the “international” members who work for national or international media groups. Unfortunately, the large majority of those writers based in North America also live on the East Coast, and are still less familiar with the Western Conference Teams).

PHWA members

(I had mentioned that the PHWA votes for the Vezina – they do not, that is the NHL GMs. The PHWA votes for the Calder, the Norris, and the Hart).

DFW is actually the 4th largest metro area (Dallas itself is only 9th) in the US, ahead of Houston, with 6.5 million people.

Merrin would like you to know that Taylor Hall played Center last season, not this season. She realized this because it was the same year Sam Gagner broke his jaw.

Here are a few tumblrs of hockey players’ tattoos:



The new Dallas Stars Show on the Ticket hosted by Owen Newkirk and Bruce Levine.

And finally, the Mom Prank, if you haven’t seen it already.


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