5.16.15 SC Playoffs Recap (Eastern Conference Leastern Conference)

So I had the game on yesterday, but I was pretty deep in a stats hole (and then I had the USA game streaming at the same time – what kinda shit is that NHL Schedulers), so honestly, I don’t even know what happened other than who won. This will be an adventure for all of us!

Game: Rangers vs Lightning

Final Score: Rangers 2 – Bolts 1

Series: Rangers 1 – Bolts 0

Apparently the game started off much like every other Rangers game we’ve seen these playoffs with a scoreless first period. New York came to play and the Lightning…just didn’t, losing the possession battle with only a 30% CF. The Rangers had 11 shots on goal, and 10 of these were considered scoring chances. Tampa? They had 7 shots but only 1 scoring chance.

Ben “Gentle Giant” Bishop was on point, stopping about a billion Grade A chances, though he was directly responsible for this turnover which could’ve easily been a goal.

In the second, Tampa got their feet under them, actually getting more SOGs, but still losing the possession battle, with only a 45% CF in all situations. Their momentum wasn’t helped by the two penalties they took either, though they did successfully kill those off. With just 12 seconds left in the period, Derek “You May Remember Me From Such Goals As the Game 7 OT Winner” Stepan, gets a pass right in front of the net and just flicks it over Bishop’s pads for the opening goal of the game.

Of course, in the 3rd period Tampa played like a team that was down by one in a conference final, which they were. They had 10 scoring chances and 60% possession. That was helped a lot by the Rangers taking every penalty in the book (well, 3 of them) including this Chris Kreider penalty which is less “holding” and more “making out with” Kucherov’s stick.

Fortunately, the Bolts took advantage of all their power plays and Ondrej “No, the Other Ondrej” Palat tied the game on a great feed from Tyler “Tiniest Skater Left in the Playoffs” Johnson.

It looks like they’re heading to OT, but Dominic “What Overcoming Adversity Actually Looks Like” Moore is in the right place at the right time to give the Rangers the 2-1 lead with only 3 minutes left.

And that’s it for the game. The Bolts can’t come back, as they’ve used all their last minute miracle goals up for the playoffs.

What We Learned: If I have to sit through another fucking 2-1 score game I’m gonna go fucking insane. Screw this.


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