5.21.15 SC Playoffs Game Recap (For Reals, Hawks? For Reals?)

Do you really want to talk about this? Okay we’ll really talk about this. But we won’t talk about it for long.

Blackhawks vs D*cks
Final Score: Blackhawks 1 – Du*ks 2
Series: Blackhawks 1 – *ucks 2

I’m not saying that Q has trust issues, but Q has trust issues. He benched Vermette and Teravainen for “fresh legs” despite the fact that both played 20 minutes in the triple OT game. (When a lot of other players played upwards of 30. IT WAS A TRIPLE OT GAME.) Duncan “might actually be a robot” Keith played for almost 30 minutes last night, adding to his 50 minutes from the other night. Both of those together basically mean that in ice time, Duncan Keith has played three back to back games. (And, as Carolyn has pointed out in editing, Brent Seabrook has played almost an equal number of minutes.) (Hjalmarsson and Oduya aren’t far behind, really.)

Kimmo Timonen? Veteran defenseman we acquired from the Flyers? Played seven minutes last night. Seven. And only 17 in the 3OT game. His defensive partner, Kyle Cumiskey, has similar minutes.

So I’m not saying Hawks defensive depth is an issue, but it’s totally an issue. The other issue? Why the hell can’t they score on Frederick “might actually be a wizard” Anderson? In this series, Anderson has faced 117 shots from the Hawks and let in five goals. FIVE. That’s a Sv% of .957. UN. REAL.

Despite a shaky first game, Crawford’s been much better for us in net and was definitely not the reason the Hawks lost last night. We can blame that solely on the Hawks inability to capitalize on FIVE. POWER. PLAY. OPPORTUNITIES and letting the Ducks score on theirs.

SO WHATEVER. The Hawks go down 2-1 in this series and I’m totally fine. I’m so fine. I’m massive amounts of fine.

(I’m not fine.)

Here watch cat videos instead:

What we learned: Merrin has no chill in the playoffs. Or any time, really.


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