5.25.15 SC Playoffs Recap (Of Course There Was No OT When We Can Sleep In on a Monday)

It’s Memorial Day! I hope everyone is able to actually do things like go to parades to honor our brave servicemen and women, because here in Texas, we’re having pretty much the worst weather. (Tornado watch until 4pm!) If you’re Canadian, well, I hope your Monday’s going alright.

Game: Lightning v Rangers

Final Score: Bolts 2 – Rangers 0

Series: Bolts 3 – Rangers 2


The series was in Madison Square Garden again, and apparently the NHL had some sort of Entourage partner marketing deal, as that was literally all anyone talked about on twitter.

The other main excitement of the evening was Bishop taking a puck to the groin in warmups, leading to rampant speculation that he wouldn’t be able to start the game.

Also this happened, which is just adorable.

Anyway, Bishop did make it out to start the game, which looked like it had Rangers Win stamped all over it, at least in the first, where they had 75% CF% (all situations), though they just couldn’t make anything happen with it, even on two power play attempts.

Things evened up a bit in the second, with a literal 50/50 split of possession, though Tampa had more SOG and scoring chances, and finally managed to crack Lundqvist’s shell.

Valteri “This Hair/Eyebrow Combo is Natural, I Swear” Filppula scored first, about halfway through the period after grabbing a pretty feed from Stamkos.

Both teams continued to take penalties, as has been the trademark of this series, but while the Lightning successfully kill off two, Marc “Loner” Staal heads off for tripping at the end of the second period, giving the Bolts a power play opportunity, and that’s all Steven “What Slump?” Stamkos needs to net goal number 2.

Why did the Rangers let him just sit right in front of the net? The world may never know.

In the 3rd, score effects kicked in, with the Rangers capturing 61% CF% and getting 10 SOGs to Tampa’s 7. They pulled Lundqvist with about 3 minutes remaining, but alas it wasn’t to be. While the Lightning didn’t get the empty netter, either, the push remained unsuccessful and Bishop got his second Playoff Shutout this year.

The series heads back to Tampa where the Rangers ARE IN A FIGHT FOR THEIR (playoff) LIFE.

What We Learned: I literally have no idea what Entourage is about. Should I? Should I care? Does it matter? Does anything matter?


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