6.8.15 Podcast! (The One With All the Movies)

In lucky ep 13, the Ladies try to trade for Brent Seabrook, talk the Stanley Cup Final, create an app for psychopaths, go over some of the proposed changes for next season, and do all the hockey fancasting our listeners could ever want.

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Supplemental Materials

BREAKING NEWS! Tyler Seguin shaved his beard.

Really excellent article on DBD comparing Goligoski & Seabrook

And another DBD article talking Goalie Interference

Have a look at what constitutes a scoring chance by definition and by visual (note: the definition given in the podcast is not 100% accurate, as we say “shots on goal” but it can often include blocked/missed shots as well)

And my attempt at predicting Bowman’s moves in the offseason:

BHawks Cap Thing - Clean(I definitely thought Rozsival’s cap hit was higher, but that’s why we write things down.)


4 thoughts on “6.8.15 Podcast! (The One With All the Movies)

  1. The Bowman prediction chart is very interesting, and scary to me from the Kruger perspective. Obviously I am not as well informed about Blackhawks hockey as Stan Bowman, so probably I should just trust the guy (even though I am still mad about the Ben Smith trade for reasons of my broken heart). Question for you: do you think Bowman will decide not to re-sign Kruger, given the pattern you’ve noticed and his numbers? Do you think his usage might be a mitigating factor? (ie, he spends a lot of time out there either killing penalties or shutting down another team’s stars). I want to say yes, it should be a mitigating factor, but the same thing could be said about Ben Smith, and lo, he is gone. And finally, do you think Bowman would be right to let Kruger go? (I wonder whether there are good comparable players with his kind of PK/shut-down ability that could be had for cheap, which would go a long way toward answering that last question.)


  2. The Kruger implication hurts my heart, too. I think he would be a big blow if the Hawks do lose him, because of that usage, and he’s been excellent this playoff series as well. But that also means that he needs a better raise than just the 5% offer that is the minimum for RFAs. With how much Saader is gonna get paid this summer (probably 3+ million) I don’t know how much that leaves in the bank for Kruger. Bowman walked away from Niemi post-cup over 2.75 million, and Krugs definitely deserves somewhere in the 2m range so there’s precedence.

    We’ll see.


    • Ugh, this is going to be a tough summer. I’ve spent a lot of time grumbling about the salary cap and rooting for the Canadian dollar to go up this year.

      Speaking of goalie money, there’s also been a lot of speculation about whether Crawford gets dealt this summer – you mentioned briefly that goalies are a whole other beast, and harder to quantify. That’s a tricky one – Scott Darling has been excellent all year, but he hasn’t played all that many games. So as much as I like what I’ve seen from him, it seems very risky to move a reliably good goaltender for a guy who is still kind of a question mark, even if Darling is way cheaper than Crow right now, and likely to stay that way unless he wins a Cup as a starter himself.


  3. I think it’s VERY unlikely Crawford gets traded this summer. Darling is good, but I don’t think he’s a full time starter yet. Raanta maybe, but not Crawford. I don’t know if you saw the couple of charts I posted when I was ranting about calling him “Average” but he compares well to Elites (lundqvist, price) – he’s not there yet, but he’s only one step below.


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