6.23.15 Podcast Episode 14 (The One with All the Nudity)

The Ladies discuss Tyler Seguin, nudist, give a nod to the two big topics in hockey today, the Awards and the Draft, and ask for your help in solving a serious debate.

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Supplemental Materials

We couldn’t find the compilation mentioned on the podcast, so here are some NSFW links to our absolute favorite hockey player shots. You can see why Seguin’s “I’m Wearing Pants” shoot is so disappointing to him.

Brad Richards

Ryan Kesler

Zdeno Chara

Hilary Knight

And last, but easily the best, a few of the 2009 Oilers. Playing water bottle hockey. Naked. In the locker room.

Here is a link to “Stars Draft Central” on their website. The interviews with Jim Nill are Carolyn’s favorite, to no one’s surprise. DBD also did a first round mock draft, which you can check out.

Everyone say hi to the Benn family!

Do you have an artistic interpretation of the Stars you would like to share with us? You can email us at beardiestladies@gmail.com, and we’ll start a gallery.

And last, but not least – help the Ladies out:


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