Podcast Episode 16 – 7.21.15 (The One Where Merrin Falls On Her Face)

In this episode, we crack Jamie Benn’s secret code, talk about our new favorite team, the Dallas Starhawks, Merrin nearly kills herself, Carolyn waves her arms around, and everybody wants to see more of Johnny Oduya.

Supplemental Materials

Defending Big D did a good video breakdown of newcomer Stephen Johns. Or Stophon Johns if you’re Merrin.

Missed Jomoo Bonn’s twitter blunder? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. After all, when have the 2BL ever let a joke go unmade?

And of course, we had our very first guest contributor write about the unsung heroes of the Dallas Stars yesterday. Check it out! 

Have a Beardie Selfie to contribute to our gallery of awesome people? Or do you want to be a guest contributor on 2BL? Tweet your pic or idea to us @beardiestladies or email  us at beardiestladies@gmail.com

And last but not least, prepare to die laughing. Warning: video contains language not safe for work.


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