Podcast Episode 17 – 8.12.15 (The One Where Merrin Becomes A God)

In this rather serious episode of the 2BL podcast, the ladies discuss the Patrick Kane allegations, why they dislike the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ standard for the public, Carolyn starts laugh-crying, Merrin becomes a god, and they both watch the Demers’ “Chandelier” dance for the first time.

Trigger Warnings for discussion of rape and sexual assault. The Patrick Kane discussion lasts from minute 2:30-38:30. (You might also want to adjust your volume for the section right after).
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Supplemental Materials

There’s not much to add this week, but here are a few things.

The article from the Niagara Falls Reporter’s former Movie Critic on why he left the newspaper.

An article on Slava Voynov – yes, he was offered a KHL contract, but is still technically with the Kings.

And the best thing I’ve ever seen – the Versteeg/Demers choreographed “Chandelier” dance. I don’t care if you have already seen it. Watch it again. It’s worth it.


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