10.8.15 – Stars vs Penguins Game Recap (Holy Home Opener, Stars Fans!)


You guys I barely remember how to do these, it’s been so long.

This is gonna be quick and dirty because it’s 7:30 the next evening, I couldn’t take notes while I was watching because I was WATCHING THE GAME IN PERSON, and I don’t have graphs. (SORRY THERE WILL BE GRAPHS FOR TOMORROW’S GAME.)

There’s also no graph because Carolyn is at the nerdy stats conference (it has a name which I think is RITHAC but I wasn’t invited so I didn’t bother to learn it) being a baller nerdy stat person.


Warm ups

Yeah we’re doing this. I sat down at the Penguins end of the ice for warm ups because there’s only so many times you get to see Sidney Crosby, Geno Malkin, and Phil Kessel in person, and I wasn’t gonna waste it. Sidney Crosby does things with the puck, even in warm ups, that I find truly amazing. I’m pretty sure he has eyes in the back of his head. Or is psychically connected to the hockey puck. I’d take either explanation, really.

Good things

Mattias Janmark scoring on his first goal on his first shot of his first shift in the National Hockey League. (And then I saw him later at my hotel bar, so that was kind of awkward. No, I did not go up to him.)

For reasons unknown at this time, Fleury was not minding his own five hole.

Jamie Benn and Ales Hemsky both scored on the first regular season game back after having hip surgery during the off season. Hemsky, especially, looked like a new player out there. It took him 16 games last season to do what he did in two shifts last night, and I’m hoping this is just the new him.

Both were power play goals, which was kind of hilarious because I was literally in the middle of writing at tweet about how much our power play sucks. I’M SORRY, STARS, I DIDN’T MEAN IT.

And the last good best amazing thing: ANTTI NIEMI GETS A SHUTOUT AND TWO ASSISTS.

There’s a small part of me that feels a little bad for Kari Lehtonen, since Niemi having this kind of opening night means he’s going to be the Stars’ starter for a while. Them’s the breaks of the kind of goalie tandem Ruff and Nill are going with. But the other part of me remembers last season, and knows that Kari could have kept the job if he’d been able.

Annoying things

Patrick Sharp scored his first as a Star! Unfortunately, Jamie Benn was in the middle of a battle in front of the net, Lovejoy’s too clumsy to stay on his feet and falls into his own goalie, and Jamie gets called for interference.

Schools of thought vary on this one, but Jamie was not touching him when he fell over, y’all. I don’t know if Ruff would have won that challenge if he’d taken it, but I’m kind of curious why he didn’t try.

Jamie went on to score his goal after this, to get that one back, but it kinda stinks that Patrick Sharp has yet to get on the board.

And finally, hilarious things


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